2022 Ford Ranger

2022 Ford Ranger
Price$35,930 - $85,490
Fuel Efficiency0 / 100km
ANCAP Rating5-star
Warranty5 years

About the Ranger

The new-generation 2022 Ford Ranger ute has been revealed with a bolder design, more interior technology, full-time four-wheel drive in some variants, a V6 diesel option, and plug-in hybrid-ready architecture.

The all-new Ford Ranger goes on sale in Australia from June 2022, with the Raptor following shortly after in July 2022.

Ford developed, designed and engineered the Ford Ranger and Ford Everest in Australia

  • Three engines will be offered at launch: single- and bi-turbo four-cylinder options, and a 3.0-litre V6. They’re all diesels
  • Five trim levels will be available at launch, ranging from XL to Wildtrak. A Ranger Raptor will follow
  • Top-spec cars will have a 12-inch vertical touchscreen inside, cheaper cars get a 10-inch unit
  • Sales will start in the middle of 2022 for Australia

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2022/2023 Ford Ranger Raptor

Detailed walkaround review of the NEW RAPTOR!
Feb 22, 2022

This is what we've been waiting ages for. It's the all-new 2022/2023 Ford Ranger Raptor and it now packs a twin-turbocharged petrol V6 engine with a stack of punch. Paul Maric gets up close and personal with the all-new performance pickup truck to see if it's any good.

Ranger Price

What is the price of a Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger XL

  • 4×2 single cab chassis, 2.0 single-turbo diesel, 6AT $35,930 (up $1040)
  • 4×2 extended cab chassis, 2.0 single-turbo diesel, 6AT $38,430 (up $1040)
  • 4×2 dual cab chassis, 2.0 single-turbo diesel, 6AT $40,430 (up $1040)
  • 4×2 dual cab pickup, 2.0 single-turbo diesel, 6AT $42,330 (up $1540)
  • 4×4 single cab chassis, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $47,030 (up $1740)
  • 4×4 extended cab chassis, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $49,530 (up $240)
  • 4×4 extended cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $51,430 (up $2240)
  • 4×4 dual cab chassis, 2.0 single-turbo diesel, 6AT $48,030 (up $740)
  • 4×4 dual cab chassis, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $51,530 (up $240)
  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 2.0 single-turbo diesel, 6AT $49,930 (up $1240)
  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $53,430 (up $740)

Ford Ranger XLS

  • 4×2 dual cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $46,730
  • 4×4 dual-cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $54,330 (up $1840)

Ford Ranger XLT

  • 4×2 dual cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $53,990 (up $700)
  • 4×4 extended cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $59,190 (no change)
  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $61,190 (no change)
  • 4×4 dual cab chassis, 3.0 V6 diesel, 10AT $62,290
  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 3.0 V6 diesel, 10AT $64,190

Ford Ranger Sport

  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $63,690
  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 3.0 V6 diesel, 10AT $66,690

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 2.0 bi-turbo diesel, 10AT $67,190 (up $1100)
  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 3.0 V6 diesel, 10AT $70,190

Ford Ranger Raptor

  • 4×4 dual cab pickup, 3.0 V6 petrol, 10AT: $85,490


Our expert's reviews of the Ford Ranger


All the latest Ranger news

Range Guide

Which variant of the Ford Ranger range is best for you?

When the next-generation Ford Ranger line-up arrives in the middle of 2022, it’ll initially consist of five trim levels. That’ll grow to six later when the next-generation Raptor joins the line, while we expect special editions to return in due course.

For context, there are five full-time members of the current Ranger family but six special editions. The redesigned range will also continue to offer a choice of 4×2 or 4×4 drivetrains, while we expect to see a full spread of Single, Super and Double Cab bodies, plus a choice of cab-chassis or pickup styles. Ford hasn’t confirmed which trim levels will offer which body styles.

2022 Ford Ranger XL:

As before, the XL is the entry point to the Ranger range. It’s distinguished from the others by its 16-inch steel wheels and a black grille, along with halogen daytime running lights.

Though it’s the fleet-spec Ranger, it still has the new digital instrument cluster. Its touchscreen isn’t the largest of the new Ranger line-up but, measuring 10.1 inches and with a portrait orientation, it’s still larger than any of the screens in the outgoing Ranger.

The seats are upholstered in Ebony cloth. The outgoing Ranger XL currently offers the widest spread of body styles, with pickup and cab-chassis body styles, 4×2 and 4×4 drivetrains, and Single, Super and Double Cab bodies. Expect the new Ranger XL to offer a similarly comprehensive array of models, particularly if Ford wants to take some sales from the current 4×2 ute leader, the Toyota HiLux, and claw past the HiLux range overall in sales.

2022 Ford Ranger XLS:

The XLS also wears a black grille with halogen daytime running lights, though it builds on the XL with halogen fog lights and 16-inch alloy wheels in a “Dark Sparkle Silver” finish.

Inside, it’s largely the same as the XL, from its black cloth upholstery to its 10.1-inch touchscreen.

In the outgoing Ranger, the XLS is only available as a 4×4 Double Cab Pickup. It’s unclear if this will be the same with the new model, though Ford has only released photographs of it in this body style.

2022 Ford Ranger XLT:

With the XLT, we now step up to the variants with a greater skew towards private buyers.

The XLT wears Ford’s distinctive “C-Clamp” LED headlights, connected by a two-tier chrome bar that spans the grille.

Like the XLS, its alloy wheels are also finished in “Dark Sparkle Silver”, though they’re larger 17-inch units.

The black cloth upholstery features a “hex” pattern, while the air vents have a Satin Aluminium finish.

Currently, the XLT is offered in Super and Double Cab bodies and predominantly offered with 4×4, though Ford also offers a 4×2 Double Cab Pickup ‘Hi-Rider’.

2022 Ford Ranger Sport:

No longer a mere special edition, the Sport is becoming a full-time member of the Ranger line-up. It loses the XLT’s chrome grille bar, but gains a metal-look front skid plate. The 18-inch, machined-face alloy wheels feature Asphalt Black accents and a clear matte finish.

There are Gloss Black air vents with Satin Aluminium accent, while Ford says “aero grain texture features on the upper dash and in all the storage areas”. The seats appear to be upholstered in leather trim. We expect both this and the Wildtrak to be offered only in the Double Cab Pickup body style. 2022 Ford Ranger specifications.

2022 Ford Ranger Wildtrack:

The Wildtrak will be the most expensive Ranger at first and the only one to come standard with the larger 12.0-inch touchscreen, until such time as the Raptor arrives.

Though it’ll be offered with the same exterior colour palette as other models, orange remains the Wildtrak’s signature colour. To that end, it features black leather upholstery with Cyber Orange stitching on the seats, shifter and steering wheel. The seats also feature a Cyber Orange ‘Wildtrak’ wordmark.

Other interior accents are finished in Boulder Grey or Satin Aluminium. For example, the triangular cut-outs at the base of the centre stack are finished in the latter.

The Wildtrak rides on Boulder Grey 18-inch alloy wheels and features a bolder mesh insert for its grille.

Its hero colour is Luxe Yellow, which replaces Lightning Blue on the colour palette. Otherwise, it’s available in the same colours as the rest of the range.

Ford Ranger Raptor

The faster, more powerful, and even more hardcore second-generation Ford Ranger Raptor has been revealed in full, as the Blue Oval seeks to shore up its dominance in the performance pickup market.

The headline news is a radically different engine: a 3.0-litre twin-turbo petrol V6 shared with the Bronco Raptor offering nearly twice the power as the outgoing diesel, and an exhaust system with variable valves for different sounds depending on driving mode.

While the formula remains the same as before, down to the presence of a manic Baja high-speed 4×4 mode, Ford also claims to have made this iteration even better at rapid off-roading than before, and tougher to boot. In other words, this one is designed to sit even more comfortably under the Ford Performance umbrella alongside some elite muscle cars and hot hatches.

Case in point: it’s a (claimed) full minute quicker around a 10km off-road test track than the old Raptor.


Photos and Images of the Ford Ranger Interior

The interior of the new Ford Ranger is a huge step up in terms of material, fit and finish and the infotainment system. All variants except the Wildtrack gain the 10.1 inch infotainment screen and with a portrait orientation, larger than any of the screens in the outgoing Ranger and every other dual-cab ute on the market today.

The Wildtrack gets the larger 12.0-inch touchscreen, until such time as the Raptor arrives.

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor interior2022 Ford Ranger Raptor interior

Each vehicle picks up Ford's SYNC4 infotainment system, which offers the ability to perform over-the-air updates, which add further features and connectivity down the track as part of ownership.

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor interior
2022 Ford Ranger Raptor interior
2022 Ford Ranger Raptor interior
2022 Ford Ranger Raptor interior
2022 Ford Ranger Raptor seats
2022 Ford Ranger Raptor seats
2022 Ford Ranger Raptor rear seats
2022 Ford Ranger Raptor steering wheel
2022 Ford Ranger Raptor steering wheel


Photos and Images of the Ford Ranger Exterior

When it comes to designing and engineering a brand new product for a car company, there’s a degree of latitude international markets are given when it comes to the whole process. With Ford Australia being the main engine room for Ranger and Everest, they were given the reins when it came to the next-generation Ranger Raptor and were given a great deal of latitude to design a performance pickup truck that would need to stand on its own two feet in every global market from Australia to the US.

It's a very muscular and aggressive looking ute that will no doubt turn plenty of heads.

Some variants get matrix LED headlights, along with LED tail lights. The standard level of equipment is quite high across the entire range.

Other innovative features include clamp holes for the tray, a ruler built into the tray door and the ability to option a power outlet within the tray.


Ranger Colours

What colours are available for the Ford Ranger?

Ford is giving its gen-two Ranger and Ranger Raptor a handful of colours including some brilliant bright colours for the alter, including one exclusive to the flagship ute.

However, if you like 50 shades of grey – or, in this case, three – you’ll still have some options that’ll suit.

The colour palette comprises the following:

  • Absolute Black
  • Aluminium
  • Arctic White
  • Blue Lightning
  • Meteor Grey
  • Sedona Orange
  • Luxe Yellow (Wildtrak only)
  • Code Orange (Raptor only)
  • Conquer Grey (Raptor only)

Cost of Ownership

What is the running, servicing and ownership costs of buying a Ford Ranger?

Ford is still to release maintenance and servicing requirements for the new Ranger.

How it Drives

Our expert take on Ford Ranger drivability?

We look forward to reviewing the Ford Ranger and giving our feedback when it becomes available later in 2022.

The Ranger Raptor is powered by a force-fed 3.0-litre petrol six pumping out 292kW of power and 583Nm of torque, the latter at 3500rpm via a ten speed automatic.

We know the Ranger will be offered with three turbo-diesel engines at launch: a 2.0-litre four-cylinder single-turbo, a carryover (but improved) 2.0-litre bi-turbo, and a new 3.0-litre turbo-diesel V6.

The headliner diesel is Ford’s 184kW and 600Nm 3.0-litre V6 diesel in XLT, Sport and Wildtrak grades. A revised 2.0-litre BiTurbo four-cylinder diesel makes 154kW (down 3kW) and a familiar 500Nm, while the base 2.0-litre single-turbo diesel makes 125kW and 403Nm.

The single-turbo 2.0-litre will be offered with a choice of six-speed manual or automatic transmissions, though we expect the other engines to be auto-only.

The current car’s 2.2-litre turbo-diesel four, available only in XL variants, will be axed, as will the 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbo-diesel offered across much of the existing range.

There’ll be a choice of two four-wheel drive systems: a carryover, shift-on-the-fly one, and a new system with a full-time four-wheel drive option you’ll be able to use on pavement.

Safety Rating

ANCAP Safety Rating Australia

The 2022 Ford Ranger is yet to be crash tested by ANCAP, so it remains unrated. The outgoing model received a five-star ANCAP safety rating, but it was based on testing conducted in 2015.

The 2022 Ford Ranger comes with the following standard safety equipment:

  • Nine airbags
  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Lane-keep assist
  • Lane-departure warning
  • Road edge detection
  • Blind-spot assist
  • Rear cross-traffic alert (pickup only)
  • Trailer Coverage (when factory Tow Pack is fitted)
  • Reverse camera (pickup only)
  • Rear parking sensors (pickup only)

Other safety equipment such as front parking sensors, adaptive cruise control with stop/go, surround-view camera, and fully-autonomous parking assist are available on higher trim levels.

Ranger Lifecycle

How old is the current generation and when will there be a new or updated Ford Ranger?

The 2022 Ford Ranger is a brand new car and we don't anticipate to see any updates to the core Ranger models for at least 3-4 years before a mid-life update is due and then an all new car in 7-8 years. It's a great time to put your order down for a new Range if you want a car that will look new for the longest period of time.

Ranger Options

Options list for the Ford Ranger

TheXL 17-inch Steel Wheel Packfor 4×4 models adds:

  • 17-inch steel wheels
  • 17-inch steel spare wheel
  • All-terrain tyres (inc. spare wheel)

TheXLS 17-inch Alloy Wheel Packfor 4×4 models adds:

  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • 17-inch steel spare wheel
  • All-terrain tyres (inc. spare wheel)

TheXLT 17-inch All-Terrain Tyre Packfor 4×4 models only adds:

  • All-terrain tyres (inc. spare wheel)

TheSport 18-inch All-Terrain Tyre Packadds:

  • All-terrain tyres (inc. spare wheel)

TheXL/XLS 4×2 Off-Road Packadds:

  • Rear differential lock
  • Locking rear axle
  • Steel underbody protection
  • 17-inch steel wheels
  • All-terrain tyres

TheXLT 4×2 Off-Road Packadds:

  • Steel underbody protection
  • All-terrain tyres
  • 17-inch spare wheel

TheRaptor Beadlock-Capable Wheel packageadds:

  • 17-inch alloy beadlock-capable wheels
  • Matching spare wheel

Accessory beadlock ring kit sold separately.

TheXLS Tech Packadds the following:

  • Satellite navigation
  • DAB+ digital radio
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Second-row air vents
  • Keyless entry with push-button start
  • Body-coloured exterior door handles

TheWildtrak Premium Packadds:

  • Six overhead auxiliary switches
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • Full LED tail lights
  • 10-speaker Bang & Olufsen premium sound system

TheTouring Pack(XLT and Sport 4×4 pick-up only) adds:

  • Integrated trailer braking controller
  • Surround-view camera
  • Exterior side mirror puddle lamps
  • Zone lighting

TheTowing Pack(XL and XLS) adds:

  • Integrated trailer brake controller
  • Tow bar

There are a number of stand-alone options that include the following:

  • Raptor decals
  • Heavy-duty suspension (XL 4×2 and 4×4 only)
  • Spray-in bedliner (XL, XLS, XLT and Sport pick-up only)

Ranger Warranty

What is the warranty period and kilometre limit for the Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger comes with a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty with 12 monthly service intervals.

Ranger Stock Availability

Is the Ford Ranger available to buy now and what are stock levels and how long are wait times?

Keen to get your hands on a new Ford Ranger? You’d better move fast.

A dealer bulletin shared with CarExpert has revealed how many Rangers will arrive in Australia part of Ford’s first allocation.

The 2022 Ranger will start arriving in dealers by June, according to the bulletin, and Ford will have “approximately” 7000 or 7500 cars to sell – or fewer than two months worth, based on 2021 sales – as part of its first allocation.

Ranger Infotainment

What infotainment do you get within the range?

The Ford Ranger uses either a 10.1-inch portrat infotainment screen or a 12.0-inch unit.

Both come with SYNC4, which is Ford's latest infotainment system. Smartphone features include wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor interior

Both infotainment systems also come with the ability to perform over-the-air updates to add additional features down the track.

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor interior

Ranger Dimensions

The dimensions of the Ford Ranger

Ford has yet to detail exterior dimensions of the next-generation Ranger, but says it has a 50mm longer wheelbase and a track that’s 50mm wider than the outgoing Ranger.

The widening of the track has enabled owners to fit a Euro pallet between the rear arches of the Ranger pickup.

The Blue Oval has confirmed that maximum braked towing capacity is up to 3500kg in all but the Raptor (2500kg), with a 350kg tow ball download limit.

Maximum payload is up to 1327kg, gross vehicle mass (GVM) is up to 3350kg, and gross combined mass (GCM) is up to 6400kg. To read a detailed deep-dive on the 2022 Ford Ranger’s towing and payload capabilities, click here.

In vehicles fitted with Ford’s factory Tow Pack, there’s a trailer coverage system that allows you to set the length of the trailer you’re towing. It supports lengths varying from 2.4 metres to 10 metres long. This system takes the length of the trailer into account and adjusts the sensitivity of the blind-spot assist.

Depending on the model, the new Ranger also features an integrated trailer brake controller, trailer connection checklist and trailer light check system.

Ranger XLS models and above (excluding Raptor) also have a Tow/Haul drive mode that optimises gear shift timing to maintain the best power delivery and engine braking, as well as reducing shift ‘busyness’ when towing.