2023 Ford Ranger: Some new utes grounded for vibration issue

Ford is working to fix an issue with tailshaft vibrations in its new Ranger ute, meaning some customers will take delivery later.


2023 Ford Ranger utes have only just started appearing on customer driveways but an issue has already come to light.

Some owners have posted on social media about experiencing tailshaft vibrations in V6 models at speeds of between 40-80km/h.

Ford Australia claims the issue affects only a minor number of vehicles, and is contacting the owners it believes are affected.

If you own a vehicle and are experiencing this issue, Ford says you can contact one of its dealerships to have the vehicle inspected and fixed.

As for vehicles that have yet to reach customers, it’s test-driving all the vehicles it believes may be affected.

The company didn’t advise exactly how long of a delay owners of affected vehicles will experience before they can take delivery of their Rangers.

Numerous owners have posted on social media that they’ve been notified of “quality checks” that will delay delivery, but many haven’t been given a new delivery date.

“We are aware of a small number of vehicles that have exhibited some harshness or vibration at certain times when driving,” said a spokesperson for Ford Australia.

“As part of the normal pre-delivery process, our dealers are conducting road tests of customer vehicles and working with our technical team to resolve any concerns before they are delivered to customers.”

Ford isn’t the only brand to have experienced first-year issues with a new vehicle, though unfortunately for the brand it’s affecting easily its most high-profile vehicle launch in a decade – and seemingly affecting the most popular variants with the longest waiting times.

The company says the Wildtrak V6, for example, will take around eight months to arrive if ordered today.

The up-spec ute – which sits below only the upcoming Raptor in the Ranger hierarchy – is in hot demand, particularly when equipped with the optional Premium Pack.

Ford has said owners can take delivery of a Wildtrak sooner if they specify it without said package.

Dealers are taking delivery of around 10,000 new-generation Rangers across Australia during July and August.

The company had confirmed back in June it had taken around 17,000 Ranger orders, including 4000 for the petrol-powered Raptor flagship alone.

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