Ford is set to investigate the option of adding a highway terrain tyre option to the newly released Ford Ranger Raptor in a bid to offer more traction in the wet.

Ford’s current offering on Ranger Raptor will flow over to the next generation when it launches in Australia in July. The 285mm wide BG Goodrich KO2 tyre is designed primarily for off-road use and can struggle with traction in the wet compared to a road-focused tyre.

Speaking to media at a recent Ford Ranger Raptor prototype event, Ford vehicle program director for icons and Ford Performance, Ali Jammoul, said that it’s something that the brand will now look at after receiving feedback on the vehicle’s traction in the wet.

“I love that feedback. Because I have not thought about it, to be honest with you… I love what you’re saying. Yeah. Are we going to look at it? For sure,” Jammoul said.

“And this will be to optimise the vehicle… what Raptor is all about and what you see here [in reference to off-road driving during the Raptor prototype event] is when you take it on road, it needs to be a cruiser.”

“It fits in that [Raptor DNA], because when you’re gonna take it off road, it’s gonna be a beast, it’s gonna eat up that terrain, like you wouldn’t believe. Right? When you take it on road it’s a comfortable ride, you know, but so it plays right into your thinking [about traction in the wet].”

The highway tyre will be a welcome addition to Ranger Raptor drivers that spend more time on the black top than off the beaten track. A hybrid option, such as a less aggressive all terrain tyre may make the cut.

Do you think Ford needs to investigate a highway terrain tyre option for Ranger Raptor?

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Paul Maric

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