Ford has taken the wraps off the 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor and we had the chance to get up close and personal with the vehicle at Ford’s top-secret design centre in Melbourne.

    We’ve covered the finer details in our Ford Ranger Raptor: Everything you need to know article, along with a number of exclusive news stories (you’ll find the links to these at the bottom of the article).

    But, what’s the all-new Ford Ranger Raptor like in person? We shot a quick walkaround video below that will give you a better idea of what to expect when it finally goes on sale later this year.

    What you’ll immediately notice is the huge ‘FORD’ lettering along the grille. It’s hard to mistake this for anything else, but the huge lettering solidifies the fact it’s the all-new Ranger Raptor.

    Flared wheel arches and wider hips were a key cue of the previous generation Ranger Raptor – this new one is no different. It’s all about muscular flares and functional cooling on the bonnet and front side panels.

    Ford has added a set of two rated recovery points at the front and rear, along with thicker underbody protection at the front of the vehicle. The BFGoodrich KO2 tyres will look familiar, as they’re carried over from the previous generation Ranger Raptor.

    The ute has a real presence about it in person. I also like the signature headlight and tail light design. The headlights feature matrix LED technology, while the tail lights are full LED.

    Arguably the most exciting part is under the bonnet. The two-litre diesel has been replaced with a twin-turbocharged V6 petrol with a full-time four-wheel drive system and 10-speed automatic transmission.

    It produces just under 300kW of power and a little under 600Nm of torque, which should mean it’ll effectively halve the 0-100km/h time of the previous generation Ranger Raptor.

    The interior looks similar to the all-new Ford Ranger with its big vertical 12-inch screen, but in Raptor guise there are red highlights on the seats, air vents and stitching.

    This has been a quick look at the all-new Ford Ranger Raptor. We can’t wait to get behind the wheel to see what it’s like in person – it looks like it’s going to be an absolute hoot to drive.

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    Let us know what you think about the design and powertrain in the comments section.

    Paul Maric

    Paul Maric is an Australian car expert based in Melbourne, Australia. Paul is a founder of & formerly part of the CarAdvice founding team.

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