Lap Times

    All lap time testing is conducted by our performance editor and former WRC driver, Chris Atkinson at Queensland Raceway’s Sprint Circuit. They involve a maximum of ten laps with cool down laps in the middle. The vehicle is set to manufacturer-recommended tyre pressures and checked after every two flying laps.

    Queensland Raceway Lap Times (Sprint Circuit)

    Performance Data

    VEHICLE0-100km/h60-120km/h100-0 Brake (M)
    2021 PORSCHE 911 GT2 RS3.192.102.69 sec @ 34.65m
    2021 PORSCHE 911 TURBO S2.802.192.71 sec @ 34.37m
    2020 TOYOTA SUPRA 4.813.802.78 sec @ 34.89m
    2020 AUDI S44.853.17 sec @ 37.11m
    2021 AUDI S74.752.75 @ 33.87m
    2021 AUDI RSQ35.224.292.97 sec @ 39.04 m
    2022 BMW M440I4.77
    2021 KIA STINGER GT5.23
    2021 HYUNDAI I30 N FASTBACK7.095.262.98 sec @ 38.31m
    2021 LEXUS RC F5.294.202.76 sec @ 36.31m
    2021 LEXUS LC5005.954.663.03 @ 38.14m
    2020 BMW M550I3.92
    2021 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI TCR6.094.342.90 sec @ 37.68m
    2021 MAZDA MX-5 GT7.646.482.86 sec @ 36.73m
    2021 NISSAN 370Z 7.225.583.04 sec @ 39.28
    2021 MERCEDES-AMG CLA355.284.592.98 sec @ 37.68m
    2021 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF R FINAL EDITION4.944.232.90 sec @ 38.43m
    2020 BMW M8 COMPETITION 3.812.952.93 sec @ 37.37m
    2020 AUDI S35.365.43.1 sec @ 38.65m
    2020 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA 4S CABRIOLET3.58 (3.68 roof off)2.93.07 sec @ 37.31m
    2021 PORSCHE GT3 RS3.912.672.97 sec @ 38.04
    2021 TOYOTA 86 GTS8.887.893.03 sec @ 39.85m

    All performance testing is conducted using a VBOX attached to the vehicles on the back straight of Queensland Raceway’s national circuit in the same direction for acceleration and the opposite direction for braking. All cars are tested with launch control and and launch control off, the best times are used. Each vehicle is given at least four attempts (two with launch control and two without).