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Take the stress out of selling your car by getting an obligation-free evaluation online via CarExpert. It's free, it's fast and you remain the decision maker throughout.

Simply enter your car's details, upload a few photos and sit back and wait for the bids to come in. All that's left for you to do is decide when you want to sell!

Why sell your car with CarExpert?
No expensive ads, preparing your car for sale or taking hours creating the perfect listing.
Eliminate the scammers, tyre-kickers, no-show-ers and low-ballers.
Dealers bid for your car, you decide when you want to sell!
Sell your car quickly and for a great price
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Why you can trust CarExpert
We work for you, not the dealer
We exist to help customers get better outcomes when buying a new car. Unlike others, we’re not incentivised to hand you over to a dealer – the only thing we care about is getting you into the right car at a great price.
Our Aussie experts are here to help
CarExpert’s concierge team are your independent advisors throughout the process. Need to ask a question? Want advice? Our concierge team are here to help!
Australia’s #1 site for new cars
Millions turn to CarExpert each month for the most thorough, independent reviews, news, video and more.

Here's why thousands of Australians are choosing to sell their car at a great price with CarExpert

With our online platform, you can start (and finish!) from the comfort of your living room. And, to make things even simpler, the buyer will organise for pickup and payment of your vehicle when you decide to sell.
You can expect to receive your first offer within a few hours, and - if you're after a quick sale - our system makes that easy too.
No Fuss
Forget about coordinating inspection times, dealing with tyre-kickers or worrying about payment. Our easy to use online platform takes care of everything for you!
"I sold with complete confidence" - Calvin
Calvin sold his new Toyota Corolla through CarExpert's easy and convenient online portal. Within minutes he was connected to a friendly local dealer who offered him a competitive, data driven price. "It was easy (and fast) selling my car, and I sold it with complete confidence knowing that I was getting a competitive price"

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Sell your car quickly and for a great price
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