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We are incredibly spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a new car in Australia, but at some point, the car buying process became one of the most stressful experiences you can have.

No surprise when you consider that we can’t really trust advertising and it’s getting increasingly more difficult to tell the difference between editorial and advertorial. That is of course, until now.

Welcome to CarExpert

We care passionately about helping you choose the right new car, but it makes absolutely no difference to us when it comes to which one you buy.

We are Australia’s only privately owned major automotive publisher and the only one to say no to display advertising and sponsored content. No annoying banner ads, no paid advertorial and no bs means that with every word we publish, we can put you the reader first.

Our team of bona fide car experts are committed to bringing back trust and transparency to car content and are more motivated than ever to create quality, informative and impartial car reviews, news and comparisons that help car buyers make better and more informed decisions.

We welcome your feedback if there’s something we could be doing better and if you ever need some independent local car advice, don’t forget you can always ask an expert.

On behalf of the team here at CarExpert, thanks for stopping by and we look forward to welcoming you back again soon.

How do we make money?

Before we go on to answer that, it’s equally important to share with you how we do not make money.

At CarExpert, we:

>> do not sell display advertising.
>> do not sell sponsored content.
>> do not sell advertorial.
>> do not sell outcomes
>> do not allow manufacturers to influence or control our content.

So instead of selling car manufacturers display advertising or worse yet advertorial, we provide them with the opportunity to connect our fiercely independent reviews of their cars, with an audience of car buyers. Put simply, car manufacturers can’t control our reviews, but they can influence how many people see them.

In addition to this, you may notice hyperlinks in different sections of our reviews that offer you the opportunity to connect with more information directly on the manufacturers website (relevant of course to the section that you’re reading). While we do believe that we’re adding value to your experience by making it easier for you access helpful information (like pricing configurators and official specifications); it’s important to note that we do make a small amount of money each time you click on them.

The world doesn’t need more advertising, but it certainly does need more authenticity and we built our business directly on the back of that premise.

Surely it’s in your interest to produce more positive content?

To the contrary. Compromising our independence wouldn’t profit this business, it would end it.

When you know the only reason our business exists is to create car content that calls out the good, bad and the ugly with absolute uncompromised impartiality; protecting our independence actually becomes very easy.

So do you write negative car reviews?

Of course. 

Our job is to bring car buyers a fair and balanced review of a new car and that means both praising and criticising different aspects of each car we review. Car buyers don’t buy cars until they find that balance between excitement and comfort and nothing makes someone more ready to buy than an honest, authentic and well balanced car review

That’s what you the car buyer needs and expects from us.

Does that mean that you don’t believe in advertising?

No. We just passionately believe that a car review can’t be taken seriously if it’s covered in the advertising of the very car that’s being reviewed.

In the car buying journey, there is a time for all the glitz and fanfare that comes with advertising and there’s a time for the peace of mind that comes with trusted and independent content. 

Now the world doesn’t need more ads, so we build our business on providing car buyers with the latter.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is via our contact page. If you’re looking for advice about cars, we recommend using our Ask an Expert feature.

Our mailing addresses are below. We do not accept walk ins or offer advice at these premises.

Sydney Office
Level 1, 42 Market Lane
Manly NSW 2095

Melbourne Office
3/99 Queens Bridge Street
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