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Opinion: Mazda Australia has been a little 'off' lately

Mazda remains a strong brand in Australia, but its market share has dipped and a few interesting products look off the local radar.

Opinion: Sorry, coupe SUVs aren’t going anywhere

After years of being pointless, somebody has finally identified a purpose for coupe SUVs – at least beyond fat profits. We don’t think this body style is going anywhere anytime soon.

Australia’s most dangerous road rule

We're all about keeping cyclists safe, but minimum passing distances are impossible to follow and tough to enforce.

Opinion: Five reasons the Ford Bronco must come to Australia

Ford's reborn, hardcore 4x4 halos are perfect for Australia. But that doesn't mean they're certain to come.

The Mazda 3 Turbo is auto-only. Is that really a big deal?

Mazda's upcoming turbocharged, all-wheel drive 3 won't come with a manual transmission and a lot of people aren't happy. But will that affect sales?

Opinion: Why we should be getting cash for our old cars

Giving people a rebate for trading in their less safe and higher-emitting old car for something new, has numerous upsides for any government fumbling for economic and environmental levers.

Opinion: Welcome to the wagon's sexy revival

Much has been made about the rise of SUVs, and how wagon sales are falling. But if you look on the bright side, the proliferation of crossovers has freed up wagons to become something altogether sexier.

Opinion: Welcome back, Nissan

After a few years in the wilderness, Nissan seems to have some new products coming and a clear idea about what it wants to be – and that's exciting.

Opinion: I bought a people mover, but that doesn't mean I'm dead inside

Crossovers are less practical people movers, but with much better marketing people behind them.

If badge-engineering is the answer, then the question is wrong

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance appears determined to save money by sharing vehicle-upper-bodies. It's a deliberately vague plan for now, but if it means what I think it does, then it comes at what cost to each brand's DNA?

There's no need to be ashamed about your cycling habit

Alborz's dramatic rebirth as a cyclist isn't something to be ashamed of. He should be proud.

How I became a cyclist, and why I hate myself

Yes, I am a cyclist. Yes, I hate myself.