Toyotas dominate the list of vehicles in Australia which hold their value the best, with some near-new models worth more on average than they cost new.

    That’s according to data compiled by used car market data firm AutoGrab for the Australian Automotive Dealer Association’s January 2024 Automotive Insights Report.

    This data takes into account both private and dealer sales, and is split into two age brackets: vehicles aged 2-4 years old, and those aged 5-7 years old.

    This retained value figure shows how well a vehicle holds its value against the original recommended retail price (RRP) – a figure of 80 per cent, for example, means on average the vehicle sells for 80 per cent of its original RRP.

    The vehicle with the highest average retained value isn’t a Toyota – it’s the Suzuki Jimny.

    On average, Jimnys aged 2-4 years old retain 135.7 per cent of their value, likely due to demand outstripping supply for new models and driving up used prices.

    Top 20 cars: 2-4 years old

    The top 20 cars list is dominated by small hatchbacks and sedans, though there are some exceptions like the chart-topping Toyota 86 coupe (though curiously not its Subaru BRZ twin), and other enthusiast models like the Ford Mustang and Subaru WRX.

    Top 20 SUVs: 2-4 years old

    As mentioned, the Jimny is the standout here with its extremely high average retained value figure. However, three Toyota models also, on average, are worth more than they were new.

    Top 20 cars: 5-7 years old

    Looking at older vehicles, enthusiast models like the Ford Mustang and Toyota 86 feature again. They’re also joined by the Abarth 124, while popular performance versions of the Chrysler 300 and Ford Mustang may be responsible for their presence in the top 20.

    Small, affordable vehicles take out the top spots on this list, however, with the long-running Mitsubishi Mirage boasting the highest retained value on average.

    ModelAverage retained value (%)
    Mitsubishi Mirage98.8
    Toyota Yaris97.4
    Honda City93.1
    Kia Picanto89.9
    Honda Jazz88.9
    Mazda 286.1
    Toyota 8686.1
    Ford Mustang84.2
    Honda Civic83.9
    Abarth 12483.5
    Mini Hatch82.7
    Suzuki Baleno82.6
    Mini Clubman81.5
    Suzuki Swift81.1
    Hyundai Accent80.8
    Ford Falcon79.7
    Toyota Prius C79.2
    Mitsubishi Lancer78.9
    Chrysler 30076.8
    Subaru WRX76.3

    Top 20 SUVs: 5-7 years old

    The top 20 SUV list for this age bracket looks quite similar to the 2-4-year bracket, though the Jimny is nowhere to be seen; the current, extremely popular generation arrived here in 2019.

    William Stopford

    William Stopford is an automotive journalist based in Brisbane, Australia. William is a Business/Journalism graduate from the Queensland University of Technology who loves to travel, briefly lived in the US, and has a particular interest in the American car industry.

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