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I picked up my very first car magazine at age 4: Which Car, March 1995. I never missed an issue afterwards and eventually started following the European and American car markets, too. I didn't just flick to the super car reviews, either – from a very young age I've been fascinated by mainstream products.

I graduated from QUT in 2012 with a Bachelor of Business and Journalism and spent many years writing historical articles about cars, in particular American vehicles. Now, instead of writing retrospectives on Cadillac Sevilles, I'm writing new car reviews and news articles.

I love a large, rear-wheel drive sedan and I've owned four of them. My latest is a 2015 Hyundai Genesis Ultimate.

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Mercedes-AMG recalls multiple 2015-18 models for ECU fault

William Stopford

Mercedes-AMG is recalling 956 examples of its G, GT S and C63 models for an issue with the engine control unit.

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