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Toyota Landcruiser

Toyota Landcruiser
MRLPA$54,090 - A$124,396
Fuel Efficiency7.9 - 13.4L/100km
ANCAP Rating5
Latest CarExpert Rating7.4 / 10

About the Toyota Landcruiser

70 Series:

The iconic Toyota 70-Series LandCruiser plugs valiantly on, offering a blend of simplicity, rugged four-wheel drive ability, and diesel V8 grunt that still appeals to many buyers, particularly those in regional areas.

First introduced in the 1980s, the Toyota LandCruiser 70-Series has always been sold here alongside a more comfort-focussed LandCruiser model and, since 1997, the smaller LandCruiser Prado. Those models have been redesigned two and three times, respectively, while the 70-Series looks much the same as it did in the 1980s. It has, however, received some updates during its time on sale.

Unlike the wagon-only LandCruiser and Prado, the 70-Series offers single-cab and double-cab utes in addition to its wagon and two-door Troop Carrier variants. All use a five-speed manual transmission.

200 Series:

While not as old as the vintage 70-Series next to it in showrooms, the Toyota LandCruiser dates back to 2007. Toyota is, however, working on a next-generation model.

The only Toyota-badged product to crack the $100,000 barrier, the venerable Toyota LandCruiser remains a highly desirable SUV for many buyers.

Its arch-rival is the Nissan Patrol but it counters that truck's petrol SUV with a twin-turbo diesel V8, producing 200kW of power and 650Nm of torque and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. It seems to do the trick with buyers, who vastly prefer the Toyota. 

Though the Toyota LandCruiser belies its mainstream badge with a fairly prestigious reputation, an even posher LandCruiser variant is available in Lexus showrooms. Called the LX, it offers a choice of both the LandCruiser's V8 oiler and a petrol V8.


The Toyota Prado is Australia's favourite large SUV. Its current generation arrived in 2009, so it's not the freshest in its segment. It's not the most powerful, either, nor does it offer the most tech. It's also not cheap. Nevertheless, it remains hugely popular in Australia.

What it does offer is seating for seven, genuine off-road ability and a single 2.8-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine, putting it in sharp contrast with the similarly-sized, car-based and petrol-powered Kluger in Toyota showrooms. 

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Toyota Landcruiser Variants

2020 Toyota Landcruiser PRADO GX (4x4) four-door wagon

2020 Toyota Landcruiser PRADO GX (4x4) four-door wagon

6-speed Manual
MRLP A$54,090

Variants from Previous Years

2019 Toyota Landcruiser

Toyota Landcruiser FAQs

How much does the 2020 Toyota Landcruiser cost?

The 2020 Toyota Landcruiser range kicks off from A$54,090 (plus on-road costs) for the "Landcruiser PRADO GX (4x4)" variant and finishes at A$124,396 (plus on-road costs) for the "Landcruiser LC200 SAHARA (4x4)" variant.

In which country is the Toyota Landcruiser built?

The Toyota Landcruiser is built in Japan and is then shipped to Australia.

What is the Toyota Landcruiser towing capacity?

The 2020 Toyota Landcruiser has a braked towing capacity from 2500kg to 3500kg depending on the variant and an unbraked towing capacity of 750kg.

What are the service intervals of the Toyota Landcruiser?

Toyota suggests that owners service their Toyota Landcruiser every 6 months or 10,000km, whichever comes first.

How safe is the Toyota Landcruiser?

The Toyota Landcruiser has a five star ANCAP safety rating out of five.

What type of fuel does the Toyota Landcruiser use?

The variants of the 2020 Toyota Landcruiser use Diesel or Unleaded Petrol.

How many doors does the Toyota Landcruiser have?

The 2020 Toyota Landcruiser comes in 2 or 4 door variants.

Is the Toyota Landcruiser any good?

In our latest review the Toyota Landcruiser scored 7.4 out of 10. Read the full Toyota Landcruiser review here.

What is the warranty for the Toyota Landcruiser?

The 2020 Toyota Landcruiser has a 5 year, unlimited km warranty.