Toyota says it has been testing LandCruiser 300 Series prototypes in Australian conditions since way back in 2015.

    The ensuing development, testing and validation program means Toyota’s Australian ‘Centre of Excellence’ had substantial input into the final, global product.

    In the end, the company says six LC300 prototype vehicles were tested here across the development program, “the most of any previous LandCruiser”.

    Toyota Australia’s Centre of Excellence has been a contributor to various four-wheel drive development programs since 2008.

    LandCruiser 300 testing was conducted in the desert regions of central Australia, the Victorian high country, areas in the tropics, and at the AARC proving ground in Anglesea.

    The company points out that Australia has 80 per cent of the world’s different on and off-road conditions making it “perfect” for global development and validation.

    As such, tuning and calibration of the LandCruiser’s off-road systems that included suspension, traction and drivetrain control was carried out over thousands of kilometres.

    “Toyota’s Australian engineers played a substantial role in tuning the enhanced off-road control systems including the multi terrain select and new electronic stabiliser bar control (e-KDSS) over a vast variety of surfaces and harsh terrain,” the company added.

    Toyota also claims input from the local testing “contributed significantly” to the new platform and body structure while powertrain testing and validation – particularly around towing – was sent back to Toyota in Japan.

    Australian engineers also evaluated and developed tyre settings, Toyota says.

    The company claims to have contributed reams of market research at the program’s earlier stages in 2014, having spoken to 200 Series owners all over the country.

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