Toyota’s UAE division has announced when the company will pull the covers off its new LandCruiser.

    You’ll be able to stream the premiere of Toyota’s first new-generation LandCruiser since 2007 at the friendly hour of 3.30am (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on June 10.

    That’s 9.30pm on June 9 UAE time and 10.30am June 9 in California.

    The 2022 Toyota LandCruiser is expected to be called 300 Series, given it replaces the 200 Series. Its 200 predecessor is also one of Toyota’s Australia’s most popular, profitable models.

    It has also been the subject of intense speculation online for some time, with numerous leaks proliferating across forums and social media.

    While Toyota itself remains tight-lipped, a recent leaked dealer bulletin laid out what to expect.

    The 200’s 4.5-litre V8 diesel will be replaced by a more fuel-efficient and lower-emissions 3.3-litre turbo-diesel V6.

    The listed outputs of 225kW and 700Nm are up 30kW and 50Nm over the V8. A 305kW and 650Nm twin-turbo V6 petrol option is also mentioned.

    The LC300 is expected to use a 10-speed automatic transmission and offer a 3500kg towing capacity. There are no details yet for the expected hybrid, which will reportedly launch in 2022.

    Gross vehicle mass is 3230kg while gross combined mass is 6730kg, according to the dealer bulletin. All models also feature an aluminium roof to keep weight down.

    Exterior dimensions vary, with the base model measuring 4950mm long and 1980mm wide, the mid-range 4985mm long and 1980mm wide, and the flagship 4965mm long and 1990mm wide. All are listed as 1945mm tall, on a 2850mm wheelbase.

    You can read the full breakdown on all the LC300’s specs as leaked in the bulletin here.

    As already reported, the 300 Series is not expected to hit Australian shores until early 2022, though Toyota hasn’t confirmed as much.

    We do know that 200 Series stock is drying up. Moreover high-end Saharas have already been all over the classifieds at marked-up prices.

    Driven by rampant demand for 4x4s that can tow a caravan – in lieu of international travel, off the radar due to COVID-19 – the 200 Series has continued to defy all sales expectations.

    LandCruiser wagon sales (including 70- and 200 Series, but overwhelmingly the latter) are up nearly 90 per cent this year to 7664 units. That makes it one of the top-selling vehicles in the country despite some grades costing $136k-plus.

    Toyota Australia vice-president of sales and marketing Sean Hanley recently told this writer that there was “no update”at that time to give on the 300 Series.

    “LandCruiser 200 is selling its head off though, I can tell you that! They’re in hot demand, there’s no doubt, and that’s largely being driven by domestic travel,” he said.

    When asked if the loss of a V8 diesel might hurt sales, even if the new six offers more grunt, he said: “As long as the vehicle is capable, Australians will change. But they won’t compromise on performance, or capability”.

    Mike Costello
    Mike Costello is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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