Toyota Australia has recalled approximately 28,400 examples of the LandCruiser SUV and Tundra pickup, due to a transmission software fault which could cause the vehicles to roll forward when in neutral.

    “For involved vehicles, due to an issue in the design of a certain brake clutch disc inside the 10-speed transmission, the brake clutch disc may not immediately disengage when the vehicle is shifted to the neutral position,” Toyota said in its recall notice.

    “If this condition occurs when the vehicle is on a flat surface, and if the driver does not apply the service brake or the parking brake, it could allow a vehicle to inadvertently creep forward at a low speed (up to approximately 6 km/h), which could increase the risk of a crash.”

    • Approximately 28,400 vehicles are affected, produced between July 2021 and January 2024
    • A vehicle identification number (VIN) list and recall notice is attached here

    Toyota Australia has advised it will contact you if you own an affected vehicle to have the transmission software update performed at your preferred Toyota dealer, free of charge.

    The company says you can continue to drive your vehicle, but you should ensure the brake pedal is applied and parking brake engaged when shifting into neutral.

    If you own a 300 Series LandCruiser or Tundra, you can call Toyota’s Recall Campaign Helpline on 1800 987 366 for more information.

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