Australia’s new car sales growth slowed in June 2021, though the monthly tally of 110,664 units was still up 0.4 per cent on June 2020’s figure.

    More telling is the first-half yearly (H1) result, with cumulative January to June sales up 28.3 per cent over the first half of 2020 to 567,468 units.

    This is actually the highest H1 tally since 2018, showing despite continued COVID-19 flare-ups and semiconductor-related supply shortages, demand remains healthy.

    The private market grew 3.7 per cent to 54,601 sales in June, government sales were up 10.4 per cent to 2800, and rental sales skyrocketed 192 per cent to 5601. But business fleet sales dipped 12 per cent to 42,670.


    Despite a decline of 7.8 per cent Toyota still dominated the market with 21,076 sales. Mazda grew almost 30 per cent to 12,225 to be a clear second ahead of Ford, up 10.9 per cent to 8456.

    Kia outsold its big brother Hyundai for the second month in succession, with 7890 sales (up 37.8 per cent) versus 7357 (down 4.9 per cent).

    Rounding out the top 10 were Mitsubishi (5641, down 24 per cent despite the rental market booming), Volkswagen (4674, down 18.5 per cent), MG (4303, up a remarkable 219.2 per cent thanks in part to clear supply lines), Nissan (4036, down 5.3 per cent), and Isuzu Ute (3964, up 49.2 per cent).

    It’s the fourth time Isuzu Ute has finished inside the top 10 despite it only having two models. Tellingly, all of these top 10 results have occurred since November 2020.

    Other growing brands included

    Brands that battled included

    See the full list below

    BrandJune 2021Change
    Isuzu Ute396449.2%
    Volvo Car1083-2.7%
    Land Rover908-19.4%
    Alfa Romeo7224.1%
    Aston Martin716.7%


    Looks like those instant asset write-downs come EOFY helped out the ute market, since the top three sellers were all diesel pickups. The top 10 were:

    This top list comprises four utes, two medium SUVs, one large SUV, and three small cars.

    Here’s a list of the top 30 models for June

    ModelJune 2021Change
    Ford Ranger605813.7%
    Toyota HiLux5412-17.2%
    Isuzu D-Max316792.9%
    Mazda CX-5301819.3%
    Kia Cerato271134.5%
    Toyota Prado26109.9%
    Toyota RAV42501-5.0%
    Hyundai i302331-1.6%
    Mitsubishi Triton2240-17.7%
    Toyota Corolla2175-27.7%
    MG ZS2073442.7%
    Mazda BT-5018866.7%
    Mazda 318678.4%
    Toyota Kluger185649.3%
    Nissan Navara184626.0%
    Mazda CX-30156190.4%
    Hyundai Tucson1496-32.2%
    Hyundai Kona14101.8%
    Subaru XV129214.9%
    MG 3122790.8%
    Mazda CX-312064.2%
    Toyota L’Cruiser wagon1162-23.6%
    Mitsubishi Outlander1122-14.1%
    Kia Seltos109781.9%
    Toyota HiAce1087-11.5%
    Toyota Camry1026-8.6%
    Nissan X-Trail1009-27.3%
    MG HS1003210.50%
    Toyota L’Cruiser Ute978-29.5%
    GWM Ute868NA


    We can also identify the most popular models in each vehicle segment, as defined by industry VFACTS data.

    • Micro Cars: Kia Picanto (788), Fiat 500 (63), Mitsubishi Mirage (60)
    • Light Cars under $25,000: MG 3 (1227), Mazda 2 (767), Volkswagen Polo (607)
    • Light Cars over $25,000: Mini Hatch (292), Audi A1 (69), Citroen C3 (18)
    • Small Cars under $40,000: Kia Cerato (2711), Hyundai i30 (2331), Toyota Corolla (2175)
    • Small Cars over $40,000: Mercedes-Benz A-Class (621), BMW 1 Series (287), BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe (281)
    • Medium Cars under $60,000: Toyota Camry (1026), Mazda 6 (140), Hyundai Sonata (123)
    • Medium Cars over $60,000: BMW 3 Series (574), Mercedes-Benz C-Class (536), Lexus IS (135)
    • Large Cars under $70,000: Kia Stinger (189), Skoda Superb (68)
    • Large Cars over $70,000: BMW 5 Series (101), Mercedes-Benz E-Class (58), Porsche Taycan (43)
    • Upper Large Cars: BMW 6 Series GT (43), Mercedes-Benz S-Class (27), BMW 7 Series (7)
    • People Movers: Kia Carnival (494), Honda Odyssey (126), LDV G10 (118)
    • Sports Cars under $80,000: Ford Mustang (437), Mazda MX-5 (111), BMW 2 Series (57)
    • Sports Cars over $80,000: BMW 4 Series (158), Mercedes-Benz C-Class (128), Mercedes-Benz E-Class (33)
    • Sports Cars over $200,000: Porsche 911 (57), Ferrari range (13), McLaren range (10)
    • Light SUVs: Mazda CX-3 (1206), Kia Stonic (745), Toyota Yaris Cross (687)
    • Small SUVs under $40,000: MG ZS (2073), Mazda CX-30 (1561), Hyundai Kona (1410),
    • Small SUVs over $40,000: Volvo XC40 (465), BMW X1 (458), Mercedes-Benz GLA (445)
    • Medium SUVs under $60,000: Mazda CX-5 (3018), Toyota RAV4 (2501), Hyundai Tucson (1496)
    • Medium SUVs over $60,000: Volvo XC60 (470), BMW X3 (459), Audi Q5 (454)
    • Large SUVs under $70,000: Toyota Prado (2610), Toyota Kluger (1856), Mazda CX-9 (836)
    • Large SUVs over $70,000: BMW X5 (341), Mercedes-Benz GLE (289), Land Rover Defender (275)
    • Upper Large SUVs under $100,000: Toyota LandCruiser (1162), Nissan Patrol (148)
    • Upper Large SUVs over $100,000: Mercedes-Benz GLS (113), Land Rover Discovery (97), BMW X7 (89)
    • Light Vans: Renault Kangoo (131), Peugeot Partner (40), Volkswagen Caddy (5)
    • Medium Vans: Toyota HiAce (910), Ford Transit Custom (475), LDV G10 (445)
    • Large Vans: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (317), Renault Master (288), LDV Deliver 9 (247)
    • Light Buses: Toyota HiAce (177), Ford Transit (23), Toyota Coaster (20)
    • 4×2 Utes: Toyota HiLux (1112), Isuzu D-Max (628), Ford Ranger (448)
    • 4×4 Utes: Ford Ranger (5610), Toyota HiLux (4300), Isuzu D-Max (2539)


    Category breakdown

    • SUV: 53,761 units
    • Light commercials: 28,550
    • Passenger cars: 23,361

    Top segments by market share

    • 4×4 Utes: 19.7 per cent
    • Medium SUV: 15.0 per cent
    • Large SUV: 13.8 per cent
    • Small SUV: 13.3 per cent
    • Small Car: 10.5 per cent

    Sales by buyer type

    • Private buyers: 54,601 (up 3.7 per cent)
    • Business fleets: 42,670 (down 12.0 per cent)
    • Rental fleets: 5601 (up 192.0 per cent)
    • Government fleets: 2800 (up 10.4 per cent)
    • Heavy Trucks: 4992 (up 8.0 per cent)

    Sales by propulsion or fuel type

    • Petrol: 60,701 units (down 3.5 per cent)
    • Diesel: 38,285 units (up 0.5 per cent)
    • Hybrid: 5842 units (up 37.7 per cent)
    • Electric (*excluding Tesla): 526 units (up 198.9 per cent)
    • Plug-in hybrid: 318 units (up 52.9 per cent)

    * Tesla refuses to supply sales information

    Sales by country of origin

    • Japan: 31,563 units (down 2.8 per cent)
    • Thailand: 25,269 units (down 10.0 per cent)
    • Korea: 15,893 units (up 16.4 per cent)
    • China: 8439 units (up 178.6 per cent)
    • Germany: 5341 (down 38.5 per cent)


    Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Chief Executive Tony Weber said:

    “Expectations for a strong result in June had remained high given the traditional end of financial year demand from business and private buyers driven by Government incentives such as the extension of the depreciation allowance announced in the Federal budget coupled with intensive marketing activity from vehicle brands,” he said.

    “In spite of some States being forced into COVID-19 lockdowns towards the end of June, the acquisition of a new vehicle remains a popular option for buyers across all market segments.

    “The delivery challenges caused by microprocessor shortages and bottlenecks in the supply chain are yet to be fully resolved, however, all parties are continuing to find ways to meet the strong demand for customers across all sectors.

    “It is our expectation that these issues will begin to be resolved as the global economy continues to recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

    “Right now, we would expect customer demand across all segments to remain strong in the second half of 2021 which has the market on track to return to a result in excess of one million vehicles.”

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