Mercedes-Benz has maintained its dominance on Australia’s luxury car market through the first half of 2021, sitting atop the sales charts ahead of BMW and Audi.

    Most of the luxury brands in Australia have seen their sales grow between January and June 2021, albeit more slowly than the wider market (up 28.3 per cent).

    A full breakdown of the luxury brands on sale in Australia for the first half of the year are below:

    Sales, June 2021Sales, H1 2021
    Mercedes-Benz3330 (-24.9 per cent)16,141 (+12.4 per cent)
    BMW3078 (-6.9 per cent)14,108 (+12.1 per cent)
    Audi1608 (-20.7 per cent)9013 (+24.7 per cent)
    Lexus992 (-36.4 per cent)5392 (+13.8 per cent)
    Volvo1083 (-2.7 per cent)5439 (+61.4 per cent)
    Land Rover908 (-19.4 per cent)3867 (+3.4 per cent)
    Jaguar249 (-2.7 per cent)703 (-19.3 per cent)
    Alfa Romeo72 (+24.1 per cent)304 (+6.3 per cent)
    Genesis85 (+304.8 per cent)258 (+309.5 per cent)


    The three-pointed star is flying in Australia, sitting atop the sales charts again.

    Its range is fairly settled for now, although it’s preparing to welcome more EQA models, the ultra high-end EQS electric sedan, and the Mercedes-Maybach limousine later in 2021.

    A diesel G-Wagen is on track to come Down Under, but none are expected to add massive volume to the brand’s tally.

    CarH1 2021 sales
    AMG GT 4-Door 7 (-79.4 per cent)
    AMG GT22 (+46.7 per cent)
    A-Class2259 (-32.4 per cent)
    B-Class234 (-6.8 per cent)
    C-Class 2314 (+57.7 per cent)
    C-Class coupe/cabrio685 (+4.6 per cent)
    CLA 452 (-46.4 per cent)
    CLS 23 (-46.5 per cent)
    E-Class551 (+52.2 per cent)
    E-Class coupe/cabrio191 (+48.1 per cent)
    EQA88 (new model)
    EQC 127 (+122.8 per cent)
    G-Class 341 (+292 per cent)
    GLA 1712 (+32.1 per cent)
    GLB 2006 (+841.8 per cent)
    GLC coupe430 (-39.9 per cent)
    GLC wagon 1741 (-31 per cent)
    GLE coupe615 (+999 per cent)
    GLE wagon 1715 (+4.8 per cent)
    GLS 487 (-3.2 per cent)
    S-Class 137 (+132.2 per cent)


    BMW has had a strong start to 2021, after a strong finish to 2020.

    It’s preparing for a big back half of this year, too, with an updated X3 and X4 SUV, new 2 Series, new 4 Series Gran Coupe and Convertible, and a broader M3 and M4 range all set to touch down locally.

    BMW will also be heartened to see the X5 outselling the Mercedes-Benz GLE, the X3 outselling the Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC, and the X7 nipping at the heels of the GLS.

    CarH1 2021 sales
    1 Series1523 (+12.3 per cent)
    2 Series 311 (-17.5 per cent)
    2 Series Gran Coupe1182 (+76.2 per cent)
    3 Series2260 (+20.7 per cent)
    4 Series594 (+178.9 per cent)
    5 Series 370 (-3.1 per cent)
    6 Series GT 56 (-40.4 per cent)
    7 Series 51 (-17.7 per cent)
    8 Series 20 (-67.2 per cent)
    8 Series Gran Coupe 18 (-62.5 per cent)
    i3 32 (-15.8 per cent)
    X1 1963 (+22.9 per cent)
    X2 330 (-10.8 per cent)
    X3 2258 (+8.8 per cent)
    X4 503 (-43.1 per cent)
    X5 1902 (+33 per cent)
    X6 291 (-15.4 per cent)
    X7 407 (-8.5 per cent)
    Z437 (-78.1 per cent)


    Both 2020 and 2021 have been big years for Audi, with plenty of model launches – and plenty more to come.

    The new Q3 and updated Q5 are driving most of Audi’s growth, but they’ll be joined later in 2021 by a new A3, and a coupe-styled Q5 Sportback.

    CarsH1 2021 sales
    A1411 (+50 per cent)
    A3 214 (-80.4 per cent)
    A3 Convertible3 (-96.6 per cent)
    A4 425 (+13.9 per cent)
    A5 109 (+26.7 per cent)
    A5 Sportback362 (+13.5 per cent)
    A6 159 (+120.8 per cent)
    A756 (30.2 per cent)
    A8 16 (+100 per cent)
    e-tron 69 (+999 per cent)
    Q2910 (+45.4 per cent)
    Q3 2912 (+61.3 per cent)
    Q5 2216 (+5.3 per cent)
    Q7 916 (+11.2 per cent)
    R822 (+633.3 per cent)
    TT 25 (-10.7 per cent)


    Lexus is gearing up for a big transformation in the second half of 2021.

    The IS, CT, and RC are all being axed in November, and the brand is getting ready to welcome a new NX mid-sized SUV.

    In the meantime, the ES large sedan has continued its sales growth, and the NX has remained strong as it hits its runout period.

    CarsH1 2021 sales
    CT200H61 (+7.0 per cent)
    ES 388 (+26.4 per cent)
    GS 1 (-92.9 per cent)
    IS 746 (+37.8 per cent)
    LC 20 (+100 per cent)
    LS 23 (+76.9 per cent)
    LX 234 (+24.5 per cent)
    NX 1842 (-4.6 per cent)
    RC 96 (-18.6 per cent)
    RX 1031 (+0.6 per cent)
    UX 950 (+23.2 per cent)


    Volvo’s charge up the sales charts shows no signs of abating.

    Its range is small compared to Lexus, let alone Mercedes-Benz or BMW, but it continues to post strong growth led by its SUVs.

    Change is the order of the day later in 2021. The XC40 Recharge Pure Electric is coming, as is the Volvo V60 Cross Country.

    The V90 Cross Country’s reign is over, and the range is gaining mild-hybrid petrol options as diesel is phased out.

    CarsH1 2021 sales
    S60 76 (-17.4 per cent)
    V6014 (-83.5 per cent)
    V90 Cross Country0
    XC402346 (+62.8 per cent)
    XC60 2167 (+69.6 per cent)
    XC90 836 (+92.2 per cent)

    Land Rover

    Land Rover has spent the past 12 months battling supply struggles on the back of COVID-19 and the global semiconductor shortage, but things are looking up in the second half of 2021.

    It’s marginally up on the same point in 2020, but with updated versions either due or having just arrived for most of its cars.

    The most exciting debut is the Defender 90, though. Keep an eye out for our review of the car next week.

    CarsH1 2021 sales
    Defender912 (new model)
    Discovery 243 (-51.3 per cent)
    Discovery Sport 334 (-61.5 per cent)
    Range Rover 129 (+15.2 per cent)
    Range Rover Evoque746 (-14 per cent)
    Range Rover Sport 1155 (+10.1 per cent)
    Range Rover Velar 348 (+1.2 per cent)


    Jaguar has been busy recently.

    The F-Pace has a new look and a new infotainment system, the XE has moved to an all-wheel-drive-only line-up, and the XF range now contains only one model.

    The I-Pace was updated in 2020, while the F-Type keeps on keeping on.

    Sales are down to date in 2021, with a 24.4 per cent drop in E-Pace sales largely to blame.

    CarsH1 2021 sales
    E-Pace347 (-24.4 per cent)
    F-Pace177 (-7.8 per cent)
    F-Type 29 (+20 per cent)
    I-Pace 29 (-17.1 per cent)
    XE 92 (-35.7 per cent)
    XF 28 (+64.7 per cent)

    Alfa Romeo

    Although the Giulietta and 4C are still live on the Alfa Romeo website, the Stelvio and Giulia are the future for Alfa.

    Both have recently been treated to updates, with more upmarket interiors and fresh tech to better take on the Germans.

    CarsH1 2021 sales
    4C6 (+20 per cent)
    Giulia 159 (+74.7 per cent)
    Giulietta73 (+40.4 per cent)
    Stelvio66 (-52.2 per cent)


    Genesis is on the rise now it’s got more than just a pair of sedans.

    The GV80 SUV is its biggest seller, although that’s expected to be short-lived once the smaller and more affordable GV70 touches down and is treated to a formal launch.

    CarsH1 2021 sales
    G7044 (+12.8 per cent)
    G8028 (+16.7 per cent)
    GV7032 (new model)
    GV80154 (new model)
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    Scott Collie is an automotive journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Scott studied journalism at RMIT University and, after a lifelong obsession with everything automotive, started covering the car industry shortly afterwards. He has a passion for travel, and is an avid Melbourne Demons supporter.

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