CarExpert Best 4WD SUV 2023

    12 SUVs tested, 3 categories, 1 overall winner

    At CarExpert we love our cars (both big and small). This year we are launching the CarExpert Best 4WD SUV Awards 2023 to recognise, reward, and inspire automotive excellence and innovation in a rapidly changing industry. This means you, our car enthusiasts, have only the best information at hand when it comes to choosing which large SUV is right for you.

    From the 5th of June, we will reveal the winners across four key categories.

    Stay tuned for our key publication dates

    Best 4WD SUV: Drag race
    Live on 5th June
    Best 4WD SUV: Performance
    Live on 9th June
    Best 4WD SUV: Towing
    Live on 12th June
    Best 4WD SUV: Off-road
    Live on 16th June
    Best 4WD SUV: Winner
    Live on 19th June

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    Best SUV Award Categories

    In this award, the competing SUVs need to master three stages. Traction control on rollers, a chassis rigidity test, an offset mogul test and a 45% loose rock climb in 4L.
    This comprehensive test not only measures feel behind the wheel on our gruelling 6km hill road, we also used a state-of-the-art dynamometer load cell to measure acceleration performance and towing fuel economy.
    This test looks at overall performance. That's fuel economy over one lap of our 5km circular bowl, 0-100km/h, 100-0km/h, 1/4 mile and 80-120km/h - all key metrics that help you understand how an SUV performs when push comes to shove.
    It goes without explanation, the Best 4WD SUV is the overall top performer across all categories, taking into consideration performance and price.

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