Sales of mid-sized vans – the most popular size category – are sitting at record highs in Australia so far in 2021.

Correlating with the boom in e-commerce and home deliveries, sales of 2.5-3.5 tonne GVM vans hit 2272 units in September, and sit at 19,543 year-to-date (YTD).

Those figures are up respectively by 85.8 per cent and 56.2 per cent over 2020.

Going back through the data archives and crunching the numbers, it appears these monthly and YTD figures for 2021 are the highest to date.

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For most of the past decade, industry data VFACTS has listed specific 2.5-3.5t GWM van sales – but before that we tallied up each relevant model individually.

Reported sales Vans/CC 2.5-3.5t GVM

YearSeptember salesJan-Sept sales

The dominant player this year is, as usual, the Toyota Hiace with 7024 sales (up 57.5 per cent).

Next on the list are the the now defunct Hyundai iLoad (2402), Ford Transit Custom (2327, up 48.4 per cent), LDV G10 (2114, up 129.8 per cent), Renault Trafic (1647, up 47.1 per cent), Volkswagen Transporter (1429, up 202.8 per cent), and Mitsubishi Express (1037, up 285.5 per cent, largely new to market this year).

Have you bought a van lately? Did you have to wait? Which did you choose?

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