A Dodge Challenger driver will be hoping their insurance company can pay to fix the four electric vehicles (EVs) severely damaged when the muscle car lost control on a wet road in the US.

    A video uploaded to TikTok – first reported by The Autopian – shows the V8-powered Dodge Challenger’s trail of destruction in North Houston, Texas, with the muscle car half on a kerb and four damaged Lucid Air electric luxury sedans behind it.

    According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, the Dodge Challenger lost control in the rain while on the slip road of Interstate 45, subsequently hitting a kerb and sliding into the carpark of Lucid’s Service and Delivery Centre.

    Not including the Dodge Challenger, four other cars were reportedly damaged, all of them being Lucid Air EVs. The electric sedan is priced from US$77,400 (A$117,000) to US$138,000 (A$208,000).

    Local police told The Autopian there were no reported injuries from the crash, though it’s not yet known whether the Dodge’s driver will be charged for the incident.

    In a twist of irony, the crash occurred a handful of months after the organisers of a monthly ‘Coffee and Cars’ meeting in Houston announced it would ban Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros and Dodge Chargers from its future events.

    The organisers cited reckless driving when leaving its events as a reason behind the ban – which curiously did not include the Dodge Challenger, which is a two-door coupe relation to the four-door Charger sedan.

    Jordan Mulach

    Born and raised in Canberra, Jordan has worked as a full-time automotive journalist since 2021, being one of the most-published automotive news writers in Australia before joining CarExpert in 2024.

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