The new-generation 2024 Mitsubishi Triton will be one of the first dual-cab utes in the Australian market to feature a Euro 6-homologated diesel drivetrain, and the company is training staff to educate consumers around the benefits of the technology as well as the requirements around AdBlue.

    A key requirement of EU6-certified diesel engines is the fitment of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system which injects AdBlue – a non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-inflammable aqueous urea fluid that that converts noxious nitrogen oxides (NOx) into nitrogen, water, and tiny amounts of carbon-dioxide in the exhaust chamber.

    NOx is a notable particulate that is emitted in more significant amounts by diesel engines, and is particularly harmful to respiratory systems. It can also contribute to acid rain and smog.

    Shaun Westcott, CEO for Mitsubishi Motors Australia, told CarExpert that educating dealer and sales staff as well as consumers is vital.

    “That’s very much our message – you’re saving emissions and saving at the pump. We’ve taken upon ourselves the task of educating the customer,” Mr Westcott said.

    “So, we have developed specific training for our dealers. In fact they’re going through it right now.

    “We are bringing in technical staff to our dealers and training our sales staff right across the country and we are informing, we are educating. We believe as part of our social responsibility obligation is to inform and to educate.

    “We still have a job to do on PHEV and informing people of the benefits of that technology – we’ve still got a job to do there.

    “But the reality is, we need to make that transition. Someone needs to lead the charge, and we are leading the charge.

    “The other thing that we have done is that, fingers crossed, depending on how much you drive you will typically not need to top up or refill your AdBlue between services. You should only go from 15,000km to 15,000km – so it will be done by the dealer staff typically.

    “But the reality is, it’s very simple. In many other countries around the world you pull up at a petrol pump and there is somebody to fill your car for you – in Australia you do it yourself, as well as in many other countries around the world.

    “There was an education process at some point in time. At some point Australians had somebody that filled your car with petrol, we’ve learned to do it ourselves. People need to be informed and educated on AdBlue and how to do it, it’s not complicated.

    “Our cars have an indicator so if [AdBlue] is getting low and you’re not due for a service, you’re going to have an indicator light come on and give you enough range to get to a service station and fill it up,” Mr Westcott added.

    Mitsubishi’s representatives confirmed with CarExpert the new Triton’s AdBlue indicator first turns on with around 2000km of range remaining to give owners plenty of notice about low additive levels. The tank is understood to be around 17L in capacity.

    AdBlue has been around since Euro 6 emissions regulations came into effect in Europe in 2014, and EU6-compliant drivetrains have been offered in Australia for many years under various brands.

    Within the pickup segments, the first-generation Volkswagen Amarok V6 featured an AdBlue-equipped powertrain until 2020 following a switch in production from Germany to Argentina.

    The Wildtrak X is the sole Ranger variant to currently offer a Euro 6-compliant 2.0-litre Bi-Turbo diesel in Australia – though the related Everest 4WD SUV features EU6 and AdBlue across the range.

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    James Wong

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