In 2022, Mitsubishi sold 76,991 vehicles in Australia.

Below you will see a visualisation of how those sales compare to a decade ago in 2012, when the company sold 58,868 vehicles in Australia.

Over the last decade the Japanese brand has grown substantially, largely on the back of strong sales for the Triton, Outlander and ASX.

Below is a graphical representation of the top manufacturers sales over the last 25 years (1997 to 2022), inclusive of passenger vehicles, SUVs, and both light and heavy commercial vehicles. This graph is interactive and you can pick to compare any number of manufacturers.

The Challenger has been replaced by the Pajero Sport while the Colt, Lancer and Pajero have disappeared. Interestingly, a decade ago Mitsubishi sold almost 100 EVs in 2012 and in 2022 it sold none, with the i-MiEV having been discontinued.

Mitsubishi ASX6,96012,753
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross05,973
Mitsubishi Express6221,444
Mitsubishi Mirage0862
Mitsubishi Outlander8,05119,546
Mitsubishi Pajero6,297139
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport08,838
Mitsubishi Triton 4X25,4483,483
Mitsubishi Triton 4X413,05423,953
Mitsubishi Challenger2,5800
Mitsubishi Colt4400
Mitsubishi i-MiEV950
Mitsubishi Lancer15,3210
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