MG has confirmed increased pricing for 2022 model year vehicles, as its dealers exhaust last year’s stock.

    After announcing a price increase in February for remaining MY21 stock, it’s now increased prices again for MY22 vehicles.

    The MG 3, ZS, ZST and HS have all received price increases, with most vehicles up by $500 to $1000.

    That follows the February increases, which saw prices of the MG 3, ZS, and most ZST models up by $500, and the HS Plus EV Essence jump by $1000.

    While most HS prices are up by $1000 for MY22, the flagship Plus EV Essence is up by $1700.

    Previously, it was available with a choice of no-cost Clipper Blue paint or a range of other shades for an extra $700. With the no-cost colour gone, it’s now effectively mandatory to shell out for premium paint.

    Its more affordable Excite counterpart is up by $700 after its launch earlier this year for the same reason.

    The HS is otherwise unchanged for the 2022 model year. MG says a no-cost paint option could return to its mid-sized plug-in hybrid’s range in the future.

    Specifications for all other MG models are unchanged, while pricing for the updated ZS EV hasn’t been adjusted ahead of its July launch.

    MG has cited “unprecedented cost increases in raw materials and transport logistics” as the reason for the successive price increases.

    The company isn’t alone in upping its prices in Australia. Most brands have announced price increases for 2022 due to parts shortages, shipping challenges, and tight supply.

    MG had been benefiting from strong supply, helping to propel it into the top 10 in 2021, but all good things must come to an end.

    COVID-19 lockdowns in China have caused supply chain headaches for the brand, which is owned by Chinese giant SAIC Motor; all Australian-market MGs are sourced from China.

    It warned some vehicle arrival dates may be delayed, however, it says its supply is improving and 7000 cars will arrive in July.

    This number of vehicles is equal to about seven weeks’ demand, based on sales figures.

    This 7000-vehicle shipment comprises a mixture of MG vehicles, including some updated 2023 MG ZS EVs.

    The 2022 drive-away price changes are detailed in full below:

    MG 3

    • MG 3 Core: $18,990 (+$500)
    • MG 3 Core with Nav: $19,490 (+$500)
    • MG 3 Excite: $20,490 (+$500)

    Prices had previously been increased by $500 across the MG 3 range in February.

    MG ZS

    • MG ZS Core: $22,990 (+$500)

    This increase follows a $500 price increase in February.

    MG ZS EV

    • MG ZS EV Excite: $46,990
    • MG ZS EV Essence: $49,990

    Prices for the upcoming ZS EV update, MG’s only electric vehicle in Australia thus far, are unchanged.

    MG ZST

    • MG ZST Core: $25,990 (+$500)
    • MG ZST Vibe: $27,990 (+$500)
    • MG ZST Excite: $30,990 (+$500)
    • MG ZST Essence: $33,990 (+$500)

    All bar the Core received a $500 price increase earlier this year.

    MG HS

    • MG HS Core: $30,990 (+$1000)
    • MG HS Vibe: $31,990 (+$1000)
    • MG HS Excite: $35,990 (+$1000)
    • MG HS Excite X: $38,990 (+$1000)
    • MG HS Essence: $39,990 (+$1000)
    • MG HS Essence Anfield: $41,690 (+$1000)
    • MG HS Essence X: $43,990 (+$1000)
    • MG HS Plus EV Excite: $47,690 (+$700)
    • MG HS Plus EV Essence: $50,690 (+$1700)

    The HS had been spared price increases earlier this year, apart from the Plus EV Essence.

    With the Plus EV models’ lone no-cost paint option deleted, MG requires buyers to choose one of the $700 paint options which has further increased the base price for its plug-in hybrids.

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