Cupra says its electric vehicles (EVs), like most EVs, are too quiet, and that it’s therefore working on giving them a more exciting sound.

    “One thing I’ve tasked my team on, which they haven’t come up with yet, is that we need to come up with a software system that creates an emotional sound for the electric car,” Cupra CEO Wayne Griffiths told CarExpert.

    “I miss the excitement around the combustion engine sounds, so I think we need something that can replace them.

    He noted Cupra can lean on the Volkswagen Group’s CARIAD software division for software stacks and all the systems used in its cars.

    When asked whether he wants the brand’s electric cars to mimic combustion-powered cars’ sound, Mr Griffiths said “definitely not”.

    “The emotional sound of an electric car should be something more like Star Trek, when you go to Warp Five,” he said.

    “For me, one of the best examples is probably the Porsche Taycan. When I drove the Porsche Taycan, and I was amazed by this sound experience.

    “[We will not] try to copy a combustion engine, never ever, it has to be something totally different.

    “I think we need outside as well, the sound of a car outside, for legal reasons as well to make sure people can hear these cars coming is important as well.”

    Cupra has already introduced its first electric vehicle, the MEB-based Born, and will follow this up with the Tavascan coupe SUV on the same platform plus the smaller, MEB Entry-based UrbanRebel. The Born is already on sale, with the latter two due here in 2025.

    It plans to be an EV-only brand by 2030, and has confirmed the successors to today’s Leon and Formentor will offer electric power.

    Additionally, Cupra is weighing an entrance into the US market and is therefore looking at topping its range with an electric SUV that will be larger than the upcoming, Volkswagen Tiguan-sized Terramar.

    Perhaps the most “emotional” of these EVs is a sports car which Mr Griffiths recently hinted at.

    “If we had to do new models on top of the range that we’ve got, those new models either have to allow us access into real global markets, such as the US or do something very, very special for our brand,” said Mr Griffiths.

    “And so if we were to do different cars, it would be cars that are in line with our brand and our brand DNA. And therefore we’re talking if additional cars or new models I would bet on a sports car, for instance.

    “So sorry, I can’t do a ute but there may be at some point in the future the chance of a nice sports car from Cupra.”

    William Stopford

    William Stopford is an automotive journalist based in Brisbane, Australia. William is a Business/Journalism graduate from the Queensland University of Technology who loves to travel, briefly lived in the US, and has a particular interest in the American car industry.

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