Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) has previewed a range of upcoming models, which could be among those coming to Australian showrooms.

    While Mitsubishi has various region-specific models like the Xpander people mover for Southeast Asia, the Town Box kei car for Japan, and the Renault Clio-based Colt for Europe, its North American division sells only vehicles that are also sold (or were previously sold) in Australia.

    It currently sells only the Outlander Sport (aka ASX), Eclipse Cross, Outlander and Mirage in the US.

    Now, the North American division has released a single teaser that shows an expanded lineup of seven vehicles.

    It says it plans to launch a new or completely refreshed vehicle in the US each year between fiscal year 2026 and fiscal year 2030. That includes two new vehicles in segments it doesn’t currently compete in there.

    These vehicles will be a mix of combustion-powered, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric models.

    Taking a closer look at the teaser, it’s clear the vehicle in the centre is a replacement for today’s Delica, a high-riding people mover, which has previously been confirmed to be under evaluation for Australia.

    This was previewed with last year’s wild D:X Concept.

    Even after adjusting the brightness and contrast of the teaser image, it’s hard to gauge what the other vehicles are.

    There are two SUVs up front that closely resemble today’s Outlander.

    In the back row, there are two boxy SUVs – each with unique lighting signatures – plus two sleeker models.

    One resembles the Nissan Chill-Out concept that previews the replacement for today’s Leaf, while the other has similar lighting signatures to the Eclipse Cross but proportions similar to the new Xforce crossover for emerging markets.

    Last year, Mitsubishi teased 16 models, including nine electric or electrified models, that it plans to launch globally over the next five years.

    When you strip out the utes, kei cars, European ASX and Colt, and all bar one MPV (the next-generation Delica), we’re left with a three-row SUV, a boxy “PPV”, hybrid and electric two-row SUVs, and an EV developed as part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

    There’s also the Xforce, which thus far has only been confirmed for markets like Southeast Asia.

    That suggests MMNA’s teaser depicts: an updated Outlander; a replacement for the ASX and/or Eclipse Cross; a new electric model; and a petrol-powered three-row SUV to battle the Nissan Pathfinder… plus a couple of other vehicles.

    MMNA also notes some future vehicles will be produced in North America using “Alliance assets”, indicating they could go down the same assembly line as Nissan vehicles.

    The company is planning to expand its North American dealer footprint and “nearly double” its current four-model lineup.

    Mitsubishi is in a much stronger position in the Australian market than it is in North America.

    Last year, it was the sixth best-selling brand here despite an ageing product lineup.

    The company has yet to confirm, for example, a replacement for the 2010-vintage ASX. The Pajero Sport is at the end of its lifecycle too, though new generations of its popular Outlander and Triton arrived in 2021 and 2024, respectively.

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    William Stopford

    William Stopford is an automotive journalist based in Brisbane, Australia. William is a Business/Journalism graduate from the Queensland University of Technology who loves to travel, briefly lived in the US, and has a particular interest in the American car industry.

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