MG plans to overhaul its entire model range over the next two years, with a replacement for the hot-selling MG 3 hatchback in the works.

    Auto Express reports the brand also plans to go electric-only by 2027, without noting if this is specific to the UK market.

    Guy Pigounakis, MG’s commercial director in the UK, outlined the brand’s plans for the British outlet, while also confirming the new MG 4 EV’s design language will be rolled out across the brand.

    The revamp of MG’s existing line-up is in addition to new products like the MG 4 EV and the production version of the Cyberster.

    “MG 3 will continue for another 12-18 months, before it’s replaced. But we won’t call it MG 3,” said Mr Pigounakis.

    It’s unclear what this model will be called, though it may do without electrification which could help keep it relatively affordable.

    The current MG 3 is the best-selling light car in Australia by some margin thanks to its keen pricing, though it was first launched all the way back in 2011.

    The brand’s new Volkswagen Golf-sized MG 4 EV hatch, due here in the first half of 2023, will see its range expanded with a new dual-motor performance flagship.

    “We’re bringing out a high-performance version of MG 4 in about six months,” said Mr Pigounakis.

    “It gives us the option of erring on the side of comfort with the standard car because of the very high-performance, twin-motor derivative.”

    Said model could use the resurrected X-Power name, currently used on a limited-edition version of the plug-in hybrid MG 6 in China.

    “I’d like to see the brand transitioning more towards a sporty image,” added Mr Pigounakis.

    “We have very sensible cars today. That’s about to change into sensible and fun cars.”

    The brand’s best-seller in Australia, the ZS, will reportedly receive a substantial overhaul before the end of 2024 with styling inspired by the new MG 4.

    It could reportedly move to the new electric hatchback’s dedicated electric MSP architecture, which would open the door to a nameplate-first all-wheel drive option.

    The current ZS was launched in 2017.

    The mid-sized HS will also reportedly receive a facelift in 2024 with a look reminiscent of the updated MG 5 electric wagon not sold here, plus new infotainment.

    Much as the ZS spawned the enhanced ZST, MG already offers a refreshed version of the HS in China called the Pilot.

    Revealed in 2020, it features a restyled front end with a similar look to the MG 5 sedan due here next year; the same facelift has also appeared in the Thai market. But the update Mr Pigounakis refers to would appear to be a second, different facelift.

    Sitting above the HS in markets like Europe is the MG Marvel R, a mid-sized electric SUV with an available tri-motor powertrain.

    It’s set to be replaced with a new model featuring a new name in 2-3 years, and it could reportedly be available in right-hand drive.

    The flagship of the MG range will be the production version of the Cyberster, which could wear the MGC EV name per a recent trademark application.

    It’ll launch early in 2024, in time for the centenary of the MG brand name.

    Though MG has been owned by Chinese SAIC Motor for over a decade, the company says there’s still UK involvement in its products.

    The company maintains a design centre in London and an engineering base in Longbridge.

    MG has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the Australian sales charts following its 2017 relaunch, but sales have recently stabilised.

    The existing MG 3, HS, and ZS family – the latter comprising the original ZS, updated ZST, and electric ZS EV – will soon be joined by new products.

    The Toyota Corolla-rivalling MG 5 sedan is due here in the first quarter of 2023, with the aforementioned MG 4 EV hatchback due here in the first half.

    Before then, an updated ZS EV will lob later this year.

    William Stopford

    William Stopford is an automotive journalist based in Brisbane, Australia. William is a Business/Journalism graduate from the Queensland University of Technology who loves to travel, briefly lived in the US, and has a particular interest in the American car industry.

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