Lamborghini says it’s celebrating its 60th anniversary with a new flagship that’s already sold out until 2025, as well as record turnover and customer deliveries.

    “I can tell you right now even before our customers have even seen the car, the Revuelto is already sold out for the next two years,” said Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

    The company had a banner year last year, delivering 9223 cars – a 10 per cent increase on the previous year, and a record for the brand.

    It has also confirmed it has an order bank extending “well into 2024” for its other models.

    “If we look at our results in terms of pre-tax profit, we are at €614 million with a return on sales of 25.9 per cent. That’s still not enough, except for the fact our distribution of those results in the different regions sees us very well balanced in this regard,” he said.

    “In our three main sales regions – America, Europe Middle East and APAC – we are effectively running at 33 per cent of our turnover in each market, more or less, which puts us in a strong position should there be a slowdown in any one of the markets.

    “It also means that one or more markets can prop up the other. But we also have big markets in all three regions.”

    Lamborghini is busily electrifying its range, with the new plug-in hybrid V12 Revuelto replacing the Aventador.

    The company will introduce electrified successors for the Huracan and Urus in 2024, ahead of the introduction of its first electric vehicles – a 2+2 car “in the tradition of the 350 GT”, and a Urus – in the second half of the decade.

    “The first fully-electric car will be the next-generation Urus, but for the two super sports cars we have a bit more time to decide what to do next”, said Mr Winkelmann.

    “At the end of the day we have a perfect plan moving forward, too, continuing what we do best at Lamborghini, and that is building lightweight cars with big, powerful engines combined with the technology of the future.

    “So innovation and digitisation are key to moving forward.”

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    Anthony Crawford
    Anthony Crawford is a Senior Road Tester at CarExpert.
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