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Anthony Crawford (Crawf) has been test driving and reviewing cars for 15 years as a Co-founder of CarAdvice and before that made popular car shows for the Ten television network; Behind the Wheel in 1995 and Drive TV in 2005.

They didn’t make any money but I didn’t care, it was all about my passion for cars (and bikes). He, along with CarExpert Co-founders Alborz Fallah and Paul Maric were some of the first journalists in the world to get a factory tour at Bugatti and to drive the Bugatti Veyron, then, the world’s fast car back in 2008. That put CarAdvice on the map.

After selling CarAdvice to the Nine Entertainment Network 10 years later he’s doing what he loves again with his good mates who share his love for cars. Only this time we’re changing the game again with a website that doesn’t have any ads – just car stuff.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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Anthony Crawford

2022 BMW M5 CS review

Anthony Crawford

 2022 BMW M5 CS review

Forget the fact the M5 CS only gets 7kW more power than the regular M5 Competition. It’s totally and utterly irrelevant, because you can’t quantify this car by numbers alone.

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