The 2023 Mazda CX-60’s teaser campaign continues, but we’re finally getting close to its March 8 reveal.

    Following a teaser of its new mid-sized SUV’s interior last week, Mazda has given us another glimpse of the exterior.

    Mind you, we already know what it’ll look like thanks to photographs taken last year of two CX-60s completely undisguised, likely taking part in a photo or video shoot.

    The CX-60 is the first of a quartet of SUVs on Mazda’s new rear/all-wheel drive Large Architecture.

    The two-row CX-60 and three-row CX-80 are aimed at markets such as Japan and Europe, and will feature narrower bodies than the CX-70 and CX-90 targeted at North America.

    Despite the new architecture, the CX-60 bears a strong familial resemblance to the front/all-wheel drive CX-5, not just in its front and rear end detailing but also in its C-pillar treatment.

    There’s a fresher, arguably more premium look to its front end, though, and better photos may reveal different proportions.

    Though we know Mazda has developed a pair of 48V mild-hybrid inline-six engines – one diesel, one petrol – the company has only confirmed one CX-60 powertrain thus far, which is locked in for an Australian launch.

    The plug-in hybrid powertrain combines a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor, for a total power output of 223kW.

    At this stage, the plug-in hybrid’s performance and economy figures haven’t been revealed.

    The company recently teased the CX-60’s dashboard and door panel with a very narrow depth of field.

    Mazda says the CX-60 interior will be a “totally new experience for drivers and passengers” that “combines both traditional methods and new technologies”.

    The CX-60 is said to be Mazda’s first vehicle to follow the Kaichô design philosophy, which is designed to create harmony by “mixing different materials and textures”.

    The interior of the CX-60 is said to include elements of maple wood, Nappa leather, “Japanese textiles” and chrome details.

    There’s also Musubu, which Mazda indicates is a “uniquely Japanese way of binding textiles” that inspired the cross-stitching seen in the teaser image.

    Earlier in February 2022 Mazda revealed a teaser image that showed the CX-60’s LED lighting signature, as well as part of its grille and lower bumper details.

    It’s in keeping with the CX-60 spied during 2021, right down to the Soul Crystal Red metallic paint.

    The CX-60 is part of Mazda’s upcoming family of larger, more luxurious SUVs built on the new Large Architecture. It’ll sit above the recently updated CX-5 in the range.

    Given the CX-60 has been locked in for Australia, at this stage it seems likely the CX-80 will also make the trip.

    It’s also possible we’ll get the CX-80 and CX-90, given the Japan-focused CX-8 and American-focus CX-9 seven-seat SUVs are currently sold locally side-by-side.

    Pictured: Mazda PHEV powertrain (left) and Mazda six-cylinder MHEV powertrain (right)

    Mazda Australia executives have said not to assume the introduction of the new SUVs will immediately spell the end of its existing models.

    Although its new model will be more luxurious, Mazda has previously told CarExpert it won’t be abandoning the mainstream market.

    “We still have to demonstrate value to the end consumer,” Mazda Australia managing director Vinesh Bhindi said in 2021.

    “What we’re saying is, we still offer what we call the mainstream, and then also have extended products that are more towards the premium pricing,” he said.

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