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My name is Paul and I'm the Managing Editor and co-founder of CarExpert. I've been writing about cars since I was 17 when I started my first car website (back when dial-up modems were a thing), which I later sold to CarAdvice for an equity stake.

Since then I spent five years accruing a debt at university while completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and working as a Project Engineer for a major construction company while freelancing for a number of newspapers and magazines as a motoring journalist part time.

After discovering that wearing suits to work wasn't my thing, I flicked the ejector switch on my engineering career and went back to motoring journalism full time with CarAdvice, which was later sold to Nine Entertainment Group.

In 2019 Tony, Alborz and I flicked the ejector switch again and departed CarAdvice to start CarExpert, recruiting an awesome team of journalists, marketers and content creators along the way.

Today I spend my days 'working' at CarExpert (I don't really call it work...it's just a fun thing we enjoy doing and coincidentally get paid for) managing a team of very talented people to bring you the content you see here today.

Yeah, I love cars...and I have a passion for them...which is a cliche you'll hear from almost every motoring writer, but I have more of a lust for making sure you end up with the right car. My ambition is for you, the reader, the viewer, the listener, to never waste money on a rubbish car.

I love hearing from our readers and fans on social media, so if you ever want to reach out – get in touch! Disclosures: Paul has a financial interest in the following organisations:

  • Carbon Revolution Ltd
  • Aston Martin Lagonda

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Paul Maric

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Paul Maric

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