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2013 Isuzu D-Max
Fuel Efficiency8 - 8.3L/100km
ANCAP RatingNot tested

2013 Isuzu D-Max

The 2013 Isuzu D-Max was available in twenty-four variants, is classed as a Pick Up or Cab Chassis 4X2 and was built in Thailand. It uses Diesel fuel.

The 2013 Isuzu D-Max was sold with an engine size of 3.0L and with turbocharged four-cylinder.

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2013 Isuzu D-Max FAQs

What is the value of a used 2013 Isuzu D-Max?

If buying from a dealer as a used car, the 2013 Isuzu D-Max range is priced from A$15,000 for the "D-Max SX (4x2)" variant and finishes at A$29,500 for the "D-Max LS-U HI-RIDE (4x4)" variant. If you were to trade a used 2013 Isuzu D-Max in to a dealer, you can expect a second hand price of A$11,200 for the "D-Max SX (4x2)" variant up to A$23,900 for the "D-Max LS-U HI-RIDE (4x4)" variant. These prices may vary depending on the condition and mileage of the vehicle.

In which country was the 2013 Isuzu D-Max built?

The 2013 Isuzu D-Max is built in Thailand and is then shipped to Australia.

What is the 2013 Isuzu D-Max towing capacity?

The 2013 Isuzu D-Max has a braked towing capacity from 2500kg to 3000kg depending on the variant and an unbraked towing capacity of 750kg.

What were the service intervals of the 2013 Isuzu D-Max?

Isuzu suggested that owners service their 2013 Isuzu D-Max every 6 months or 10,000km, whichever comes first.

How safe is the 2013 Isuzu D-Max?

The 2013 Isuzu D-Max has not been tested by ANCAP yet.

What type of fuel does the 2013 Isuzu D-Max use?

The 2013 Isuzu D-Max uses only Diesel.

How many doors does the 2013 Isuzu D-Max have?

The 2013 Isuzu D-Max comes in 2 or 4 door variants.

What was the warranty for the 2013 Isuzu D-Max?

Depending on the variant, the 2013 Isuzu D-Max had a 5 year or 3 year warranty.