If you’ve driven a Ford Ranger Raptor in the wet, you’ll be very familiar with the idea of rarely having traction.

    So, spare a thought for the driver of a Ford Ranger Raptor participating in a hillclimb event in South Africa… in the wet. This incredible video footage shows how it all unfolded.

    The driver rounds a right-hand bend in anticipation for the next turn when the Ranger Raptor continues sideways toward the grass and a tree-covered wall.

    Somehow, the driver manages to catch the slide before the Ranger Raptor tank slaps into the opposite direction on the grass where the driver catches it yet again!

    It’s not clear whether it was driver skill or a well-honed stability control that kept the car in check. Throughout the slide you can see applications of the brake pedal, which are either initiated by the driver or the stability control system, which allows a lot more slide-ability in Baja mode.

    We’ve already seen a number of Ranger Raptors crash in the wet with drivers underestimating the lack of traction on offer from the standard BF Goodrich KO2 tyres that work well off-road, but not that well on-road.

    @paulmaric Replying to @Johnny Hennig115 Coming to a car park near you ūüėā this thing is a beast. #ford #fordranger #rangerraptor #fyp #ute #straya @Paul Maric ‚ô¨ original sound ‚Äď Paul Maric

    And uniquely to the Ranger Raptor, when all the driver aids are switched off, there is no further stability control intervention.

    On other Ranger models, even with stability control switched off, anti roll over mitigation is still always active.

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