A Reddit user has posted what appears to be the updated Tesla Model 3, snapped at a hangar speculated to be located in Florida.

    The picture appears to show a new headlight design, removal of the lower fog light area, and an instrument cluster ahead of the driver.

    We have previously reported Tesla is expected to launch an update to the Model 3 that will go into production in the third quarter of 2023.

    Sources suggest the new project will be codenamed Project Highland, and is anticipated to feature updates to both the exterior and interior of the popular electric sedan.

    These latest images also show what appears to be an instrument cluster sitting ahead of the driver. If it makes it to production it’s likely to include things like a speedometer, power meter, and critical information about the Autopilot driver assist system.

    According to Not A Tesla App, the updated Model 3 is slated to commence production in the third quarter of 2023. An update to the closely-related Model Y SUV, codenamed Project Juniper, is expected to follow shortly after.

    According to the report, the refreshed Model 3 will be distinguishable by the redesigned headlights pictured here, which may be equipped with matrix LED technology.

    It’s understood the current Model 3 and Model Y vehicles on sale already have matrix LED headlight technology, although it’s not enabled through software.

    The outlet reports these will be five-megapixel cameras with an anti-glare coating, superior to the 1.2-megapixel units in the current car. The updated model will also upgrade from the Hardware 3 supercomputer to Hardware 4.

    No ultrasonic sensors will be available as the company pushes its Tesla Vision system, which relies not on radar or sensors but rather a camera.

    Tesla has previously said it wouldn’t go down the path of traditional ‘facelifts’ like legacy car companies, but it looks like it’s changing its tune to help keep its vehicles feel fresh.

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    Paul Maric

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