Mercedes-Benz is rolling out several new, all-electric model lines, but something has to give.

    Autocar reports Mercedes-AMG will pare back its model range, even as it has revealed the first AMG-branded all-electric sedan.

    Likewise, Mercedes-Benz is weighing the future of its wagon, coupe and convertible models.

    Mercedes-AMG boss Philipp Schiemer said the performance division’s model range will “decrease a little bit” in future in line with electrification trends in the industry.

    The division will focus on high-end models, reducing its output of entry-level cars.

    That could mean small, 35-branded models like the A35, CLA35, GLA35 and GLB35 could face the chopping block.

    Such a move would certainly have an impact in Australia, one of the world’s largest markets for Mercedes-AMG models and where one in five Mercedes-Benz models sold is an AMG.

    Autocar also reports Mercedes-AMG’s future models could diverge further in design from regular Mercedes-Benz models, while more sophisticated chassis software will be developed to compensate for the weight increase brought by batteries.

    Schiemer did, however, tell the outlet he believes the increase in charging infrastructure will mean customers will accept smaller and lighter batteries that are developed with higher performance in mind, instead of maximum range.

    Additionally, the performance arm will work more closely with the High Performance Powertrains division in the UK that produces Mercedes’ Formula 1 engines.

    Mercedes-Benz CEO Markus Schäfer told Autocar “we have to see” when it comes to wagons, citing the growing demand for SUVs and the increasing number of efficient SUV models.

    He was less sanguine about coupes and convertibles, pouring cold water on the idea of the brand introducing an all-electric convertible.

    “We have to recognise that the demand for cabriolets is dropping around the world – China is not a roadster-covering market and there are less buyers in Europe who decide on a cabriolet, compared to some years ago,” said Mr Schäfer.

    “But I think it’s a very attractive product and an emotional product… we will have to think about the coupé as well.”

    While Mercedes-Benz has rolled out all-electric vans, sedans and SUVs, an all-electric convertible is unlikely to be next.

    “It’s not that easy to build a good-looking cabriolet [as an EV],” he said.

    “It’s an engineering effort – it’s quite a job and a task to keep it in nice proportions and not to lift it too high, with a big battery underneath it. There are some cars out in the market that would not meet our tastes. So we will come up with something better.”

    Mercedes-Benz currently offers wagon versions of its E-Class and redesigned C-Class, plus a Shooting Brake version of its CLA. None of these models are sold here.

    The outgoing C-Class is still available in coupe and convertible variants, as is the E-Class.

    Mercedes-Benz also sells the CLA and CLS four-door coupes, the latter of which has had its range pared back in Australia.

    Finally, Mercedes-AMG sells the GT coupe and roadster and GT 4-Door Coupe.

    The GT roadster is set to be replaced by the new SL, the first generation to be developed by AMG.

    In the same interview, Schäfer also said Mercedes-Benz has no plans to drop leather options, especially when it comes to the brand’s steering wheels.

    Mercedes-Benz makes a leatherette trim widely available across its model range, as other brands do, but it also offers leather on all its cars and SUVs.

    William Stopford

    William Stopford is an automotive journalist based in Brisbane, Australia. William is a Business/Journalism graduate from the Queensland University of Technology who loves to travel, briefly lived in the US, and has a particular interest in the American car industry.

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