McLaren will reportedly reveal a successor to its now-defunct 720S supercar in April this year, which will have more power, tweaked styling, and a new name.

    A person briefed on the matter told Automotive News this new McLaren model will be called the 750S and it will be a “perfect blend” between the 720S and 765LT.

    “It’s not as extreme as 765, but it is a little more aggressive than 720,” said the unnamed source.

    “This is top of the food chain without getting into Ultimate Series stuff or bespoke commissions.”

    The McLaren 750S will reportedly be the brand’s last non-electrified model, as the European Union has now locked in regulations that will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2035, with the exception of low-volume carmakers.

    It will reportedly be available in both coupe and convertible versions from launch, which is a departure from McLaren’s typical launch structure. The convertible typically follows two years after the coupe.

    There will reportedly be no long tail (LT) version of the 750S.

    Power will reportedly come from an uprated version of the 720S’ 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine with around 550kW of power. This is 20kW more than the 720S.

    In terms of looks, the McLaren 750S will reportedly have a similar wheelbase and wheel offsets as the 720S.

    It will reportedly have a redesigned front bumper, larger lower-side intakes, and a more prominent 765LT-inspired air brake.

    Inside, the 750S will reportedly have a new steering column-mounted instrument cluster that’s similar to those in the Artura and Elva, with suspension setting and drive mode switches mounted on the instrument cluster bezel.

    The 750S will also reportedly offer more customisation with new exterior colours, interior materials and wheel designs.

    Pricing hasn’t been disclosed yet, but the unnamed source told Automotive News it would be 10 per cent more expensive than the 720S.

    The McLaren 720S was previously offered in Australia for $524,580 before on-road costs in coupe form and $582,580 before on-roads in convertible form.

    The upcoming 750S is reportedly already sold out in the US through 2023 and into 2024 from reservations placed in anticipation.

    Production of the McLaren 720S coupe and convertible ended in December 2022 after being in production for around four years.

    For now McLaren only has two vehicles in its core range: the GT and plug-in hybrid Artura.

    Besides the forthcoming 750S, McLaren CEO Michael Leiters told Autocar in the brand is keen on adding an electric SUV to its range.

    “I developed an SUV at Ferrari. I developed an SUV at Porsche, so I love SUVs,” said Mr Leiters.

    While insisting McLaren won’t just develop a crossover because of his history and preferences, he firmly believed crossovers are a “really important market” and one that “continues to grow”, which makes it “very attractive”.

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    Jack Quick

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