Maserati has officially confirmed there will be a seventh-generation Quattroporte, and an all-electric replacement for the Levante.

    In a statement issued at the end of the week, Maserati announced it will launch the MC20 Folgore electric supercar in 2025. This will be followed by a “brand-new large E-UV BEV in 2027”, and then the electric Quattroporte in 2028.

    Four door in four years

    The new electric-only Quattroporte Folgore was originally due to go on sale from 2025.

    Last week, we reported work on the next-generation Quattroporte had been paused at the end of 2023. The timing of the halt coincided with Maserati asking its suppliers to reduce costs by around five to six per cent for the second time in as many years.

    A Maserati spokesperson confirmed the move with Automotive News Europe, but said the company halted development due to “the need to take zero risks on the performance level of the new car”.

    Given there will be a three-year delay to the project, it’s quite possible the seventh-generation Quattroporte that hits showrooms in 2028 will be quite a different beast in terms of design, performance, and technology to the car originally slated to appear next year.

    It’s likely the new Quattroporte will ride on the STLA Large architecture that’s set to debut under the next generation Dodge Charger coupe, and will also underpin models from other brands, including the Jeep Wagoneer S.

    Stellantis has developed STLA Large primarily for electric drivetrains, but the platform does support the use of petrol and diesel powerplants, and there are rumours the Charger will eventually gain the option of Hurricane twin-turbo straight-six engine.

    Levante levitates onto new architecture

    STLA Large should also serve as the basis of the Levante replacement. Earlier reports suggested the new large crossover would employ an updated version of Alfa Romeo’s Giorgio platform.

    That architecture serves as the basis for the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan and Stelvio crossover, as well as the Maserati Grecale crossover. For the Maserati, the Alfa underpinnings has been updated to allow for an electric drivetrain and battery pack in the Grecale Folgore, in addition to the regular four- and six-cylinder options.

    Using the Giorgio architecture would have helped get the Levante replacement to market quicker, albeit with less cutting-edge technology. The delay until 2027 should help solve that issue, and also assist in Maserati saving money right now.

    It’s also interesting to note Stellantis refers to the car simply as the “large E-UV BEV” — or large E-segment utility vehicle battery electric vehicle, if we decompress the initialism — rather than Levante. E-segment is the term used for the current Levante’s segment, as well as models like the BMW X5.

    While other high-end manufacturers have seen their crossovers grow sales dramatically, the Levante has not matched the relative performance of, say, the Porsche Cayenne. So, it’s possible Maserati will look to give the new large electric crossover a new, most likely wind-based, name.

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