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    About Derek

    As a kid I spent way too many hours at the newsagent flicking through (okay, who am I kidding, reading) all the car and computer magazines I could find.

    While tales of fanging of a Ferrari around Modena were certainly enticing, I truly lusted after the rarer mags: Car South Africa to read about Mazdas being built alongside Mercedes-Benzes, and the British rags to ogle over Rovers engineered out of Honda parts or wonder when I would ever see a Lancia Phedra in real life.

    Not all too much has changed in the intervening years, except that I can now tell my son that I’m paid to look at cars all day. In addition to cranking out some news, I love doing in-depth interviews, historical reflections and, morbidly, obituaries.

    Prior to moving to the moderately-sized apple, I worked at CNET for many moons writing about technology and cars. There may also have been a stint at a big blue company where claim codes were a thing.

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