More and more Chinese brands are entering the Australian market, and fortunately they’ve picked up their game since the days of asbestos recalls.

    However, while Chinese vehicle quality has improved, there’s still a gulf between the best and worst automakers there.

    The Chinese Automobile Quality Network has published its 2022 Brand Quality Ranking of domestic automakers, as well as a separate ranking for electric vehicle brands.

    The study collects data from the first official monitoring platform for automobile quality complaints in China, and is sponsored by the State Administration for Market Regulation.

    The State Administration says it received 35,896 reports of automotive defects in 2022, and is focusing on improving the supervision of recalls in 2023.

    Internal Combustion Full Dataset

    Honda (Dongfeng)1st131
    Jetta (VW)2nd (tied)144
    Mitsubishi (GAC)2nd (tied)144
    Volvo2nd (tied)144
    Honda (Guangqi)5th (tied)146
    Hongqi (Red Flag)5th (tied)146
    Dongfeng Fengon7th149
    GAC Toyota8th153
    FAW Toyota10th (tied)156
    FAW Audi10th (tied)156
    Geely12th (tied)157
    Wuling12th (tied)157
    Fujian Benz12th (tied)157
    Lynk & Co15th158
    FAW Volkwagen16th160
    Dongfeng Forthing19th165
    GWM Tank21st (tied)168
    Karry Auto21st (tied)168
    Chevrolet23rd (tied)169
    Wey (GWM)23rd (tied)169
    Lincon (Changan)23rd (tied)169
    Land Rover Chery26th (tied)173
    Ford Changan26th (tied)173
    Jaguar Chery28th (tied)176
    Changan Auchan28th (tied)176
    Nissan Zhengzhou28th (tied)176
    VW SAIC31st (tied)177
    Haval31st (tied)177
    DFPV (Dongfeng)31st (tied)177
    Trumpchi (GAC)31st (tied)177
    Roewe31st (tied)177
    Citroen DongfengAVERAGE SCORE36th178
    Peugeot Dongfeng37th (tied)182
    Venucia37th (tied)182
    Sehol39th (tied)183
    SWM Motors39th (tied)183
    Chery41st (tied)184
    Bestune41st (tied)184
    MG43rd (tied)185
    BMW Brilliance43rd (tied)185
    Refine Automobile45th189
    Kia Dongfeng Yueda46th190
    Nissan Dongfeng47th191
    Infiniti Dongfeng48th (tied)194
    VGV SinoTruk48th (tied)194
    Kaiyi Auto49th195
    Mazda Changan50th197
    FAW Haima (Seahorse)51st200
    Ford JMC53rd207
    SouEast 54th208
    Hyundai Beijing55th209
    Beijing Auto56th211
    Mercedes-Benz Beijing57th212
    Baojun58th (tied)224
    Jetour58th (tied)224

    A total of 204 recalls were issued, involving 4.48 million vehicles – decreases of 12.4 per cent and 48.6 per cent, respectively.

    Engine assembly issues accounted for 30.7 per cent of the defect reports in 2022, followed by electrical equipment (23.3 per cent), body issues (18.1 per cent) and drivetrains (12.5 per cent).

    New energy vehicles, a catch-all term covering plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, accounted for 4300 of these defect reports, with 41.9 per cent of these defect reports reflecting problems with batteries, electric motors and control systems.

    The study was good news for Volvo and bad news for Tesla.

    Combustion-powered vehicles

    Dongfeng Honda topped the chart with a score of 131 points. The Chinese Automobile Quality Network says the lower the number, the better.

    It was followed by Volkswagen’s Jetta brand, GAC Mitsubishi and Volvo in a three-way tie, with a score of 144. Volvo exports a range of vehicles to Australia from China, including the XC40.

    Coming in dead last was SAIC Skoda, with a score of 232. The Czech brand’s Chinese joint venture doesn’t export vehicles to Australia, however.

    The average score was 178, and some key brands fell below this.

    Rankings for Chinese brands that sell vehicles here are as follows:

    Volvo2nd (tied)144
    Maxus (LDV)12th162
    GWM Tank15th168

    While it has yet to arrive here, Chery’s more premium Exeed and Jetour brands fell further behind the company’s namesake brand at 52nd place and 58th place with scores of 204 and 231, respectively.

    Electric vehicle brands

    Of the 26 electric vehicle brands on the chart, only three export vehicles to Australia.

    GWM ORA14th169

    BYD ranked the highest and came in third overall, with a score of 127.

    GWM’s Ora brand was well back at 17th place with a score of 169.

    Tesla fell below the average in this study, coming in 22nd with a score of 227.

    Electric Vehicle Full Dataset

    GAC Aion1st125
    BYD3rd (tied)127
    Geely Geometry3rd (tied)127
    Weltmeister9th (tied)151
    Hycan9th (tied)151
    Xiaopeng (Xpeng)12th (tied)154
    Skyworth Auto12th (tied)154
    Li Auto One15th160
    Euler (GWM Ora)17th169
    Chery New Energy18th171
    Leap Motor19th193

    William Stopford

    William Stopford is an automotive journalist based in Brisbane, Australia. William is a Business/Journalism graduate from the Queensland University of Technology who loves to travel, briefly lived in the US, and has a particular interest in the American car industry.

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