BMW has officially revealed the Vision Neue Klasse X concept, which previews future electric SUVs for the brand on a new dedicated architecture.

    This X3-sized electric SUV concept follows around six months after the German carmaker revealed the Vision Neue Klasse sedan concept at last year’s IAA Mobility in Munich.

    The production version of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, which remains unnamed for now, will go into series production at BMW’s Plant Debrecen in Hungary in 2025 and is expected to replace the current iX3.

    BMW confirmed it’s currently conducting ice testing of a prototype.

    It’s understood the production version of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse sedan concept will follow shortly after the SUV.

    In terms of design for the production version of the Vision Neue Klasse X, BMW i head of design Kai Langer told CarExpert it will look very similar to the concept.

    “My mom wouldn’t see a different between [the Vision Neue Klasse X] and the production [car],” said Mr Langer.

    At this stage it’s unclear exactly how much of the Vision Neue Klasse X’s exterior and interior design will carry over to the production model.

    The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X concept, like the Vision Neue Klasse concept, has a minimalist, yet “monolithic” exterior design language that retains two of the brand’s iconic design features: the double kidney grille and the Hofmeister kink.

    Finished in Coral Silver paint, the concept has engraved BMW badges front and rear but no chrome highlights whatsoever.

    There’s a slim yet tall double kidney grille, complimented by a complex stacked three-dimensional LED lighting signature spanning the width of the concept.

    Around the side there are huge centre-locking 22-inch alloy wheels, camera side mirrors, as well as little door handle hooks similar to those of the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

    Down back the Vision Neue Klasse X has crisp lines and broad shoulders. The LED tail lights almost span the entire width of the tailgate and have an ‘L’ lighting signature.

    Inside the Vision Neue Klasse X there aren’t many physical switches or knobs, and there are no leather or chrome finishes.

    There are a range of light white and orangey-red finishes, while the backseat has a lounge-like appearance, complete with cushions.

    A new generation of BMW’s iDrive infotainment software is previewed in the concept which continues to be Android-based and picks up Amazon Alexa voice integration.

    BMW executives couldn’t confirm whether the new iDrive infotainment software system will be called iDrive 10, but said it won’t be ditching Apple CarPlay integration.

    Ahead of the driver in the Vision Neue Klasse X is a 3D head-up display, as well as the so-called BMW Panoramic Vision that spans the entire width of the dashboard. The latter of these features acts like a head-up display but can be seen by all occupants and can display up to six widgets at a time.

    There’s also a central touchscreen that’s not a typical rectangular shape but rather a parallelogram with cut off corners. A very similar central touchscreen featured in the Vision Neue Klasse sedan concept.

    There isn’t a traditional iDrive controller in this concept, and instead there are touch-sensitive button modules on each side of the steering wheel which control the head-up display, BMW Panoramic Vision and central display.

    The Vision Neue Klasse X concept introduces a new personal sound experience system. Using the so-called Hypersonx Wheel you’re able to create your own driving sound.

    The brand has confirmed vehicles on the Neue Klasse platform will feature improved electric motor units which helps deliver up to 30 per cent more range than current electric BMWs.

    Round lithium-ion battery cells deliver a 20 per cent higher volumetric energy density than the prismatic cells currently used.

    Thanks to an 800V electrical architecture charging speed will be improved by up to 30 per cent. BMW claims Neue Klasse vehicles will be able to receive 300km of range in 10 minutes of charging.

    The German carmaker claims the Vision Neue Klasse X concept boasts an “impressive new top figure” in terms of aerodynamics, although it hasn’t stated an actual figure. It claims the concept has 20 per cent less drag than a “comparable model in the current lineup”.

    New tyre designs and a “special brake system” designed for electric vehicles (EVs) are also claimed to help increase overall vehicle efficiency by 25 per cent.

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