The new Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica is pitched in the small space between the Evo RWD and the track-focused rear-wheel drive STO.

    Designed to serve dual duty as a road and track car, the Tecnica is fitted with unique front and rear bumpers that make it 61mm longer than the Evo.

    At the pointy end the fascia is dominated by a wide Y-shaped opening that directs air through the wheels to improve cooling and downforce. A carbon-fibre bonnet helps to keep the car’s dry weight to 1379kg.

    Down back there’s a large diffuser that’s available either in body colour or black.

    There’s also a new fixed rear wing that increases downforce by 35 per cent while also reducing drag by 20 per cent.

    Behind the passenger compartment, and under a carbon-fibre hood lives a naturally-aspirated dry-sump 5.2-litre V10 borrowed from the Huracan STO, which makes 470kW at 8000rpm, and 565Nm at 6500rpm.

    It’s hooked up to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and comes with rear-wheel steering as standard.

    According to Lamborghini, the Tecnica is capable of completing the 0-100km/h run in 3.2 seconds, hitting 200km/h in 9.1 seconds, and reaching a top speed of 325km/h.

    For those cross-shopping rear-wheel drive Huracans, the Tecnica has an extra 21kW and 5Nm under its belt, and is 0.3 seconds quicker to 100km/h than the Evo RWD.

    While it shares its engine with the wider, wilder STO, the range-topper is 0.2s quicker to 100km/h and 0.1s brisker to 200km/h.

    The Tecnica rides on 20-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels with 245/30 Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres at the front, and fat 305/30 rubber at the rear.

    Fitted with a carbon ceramic braking package with 380mm discs up front, and 356mm discs at the rear, the Tecnica can come to a complete stop from 100km/h in 31.5 metres.

    A new track-inspired brake cooling system has deflectors and caliper ducts that direct cold air to the discs to improve heat dissipation and extend brake pad life.

    Lamborghini says it has specifically tuned the Tecnica’s three driving modes — Strada, Sport and Corsa — to match its more powerful engine, rear-wheel drive setup and rear-wheel steering system.

    Inside the cabin there are height-adjustable sport seats, and tweaked graphics for the instrumentation display, including a new arc motif and reduced colours, to improve readability.

    Factory options include a black roof, lightweight doors, track-ready harness seat belts, a selection of interior trim choices, and eight exterior colours.

    The company’s Ad Personam program significantly expands the interior trim options, and allows the Tecnica to be finished in around 200 different exterior paint choices.

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