2023 BMW X1 spied

The next-generation BMW X1 has been spied, and it features some of the company's latest styling elements.

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Derek Fung
Derek Fung

The third-generation BMW X1 been spied undergoing testing ahead of its expected launch some time in 2022.

Under the skin the X1 will use a front-wheel drive platform, with performance variants more than likely to be fitted with all-wheel drive.

It seems probable there will be an all-electric model dubbed iX1. We’d wager a plug-in hybrid variant is in the works too.

This prototype seems to be powered by a traditional internal combustion drivetrain – either a turbocharged three- or four-cylinder engine – as it only has one filler door and doesn’t have the yellow sticker required of electrified development vehicles.

Up front the X1 has a wide grille setup, not the tall and narrow design seen on the latest 4 Series coupe.

The final grille pattern hasn’t been fitted to this car, but it’s likely the kidneys will joined up in some way.

Along the sides there are some subtle false body panels under the camouflage hiding the door surfacing, as well as the shape of the Hofmeister kink.

We can see, though, the X1 will have lift-up door handles, much the ones fitted to the upcoming 2 Series Active Tourer, i4 electric liftback, and range-topping iNext electric crossover.

At the back the tail-lights aren’t as tall as those on today’s car, highlighted by a depressed ridge right underneath.

It’s expected the X1 will have a minimalist interior similar to the second-generation 2 Series Active Tourer.

The new small people mover has a freestanding touchscreen infotainment unit, digital instrumentation display, and a clean dashboard without too many buttons on it.

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Derek Fung
Derek Fung
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