Vietnamese automaker Vinfast has revealed not one but three crossovers, with two of these set for export to the USA, Canada, and Europe from 2022.

    While all three will available with pure electric drivetrains, the VF31 is only one that will be available solely as an EV — the larger VF32 and VF33 will have petrol options.

    It’s unclear whether the new electric crossovers are related to Vinfast’s existing products, which are either based on BMW or General Motors platforms.

    All three vehicles will be fitted with advanced self-driving suites, including LIDAR sensors, up to 14 cameras, and high-powered processors capable of machine learning.

    Beyond autonomous emergency braking, active cruise control, and driver monitoring, Vinfast claims the crossovers will be “among the few cars in the world with many level 3 autonomous features”, including vehicle summoning.

    According to the automaker, the VF32 and VF33 will be available in Europe and North America from 2022. No word yet on plans for Australia.

    Vinfast made headlines late last year when it purchased Lang Lang, Holden’s proving ground in Victoria, reportedly for around $30 million. The company opened a research and development center in Melbourne earlier in 2020.


    The smallest crossover unveiled by Vinfast, the VF31 measures 4300mm long and rides on a 2611mm wheelbase.

    It has an electric motor boasting 85kW and 190Nm. Hooked up to a standard 42kWh battery, the VF31 is said to have a driving range of 300km.

    The VF31’s feature list includes a 10.0- or 12.8-inch infotainment touchscreen, an air conditioning system with a HEPA and activated carbon filter, a heated steering wheel, and heated and ventilated seats.


    In the middle of the pack is the VF32, which is 4750mm long and has a 2950mm wheelbase. It will be available with the choice of two electric drivetrains.

    The standard model has a single motor rated at 150kW and 320Nm, while the premium variant has all-wheel drive via two motors said to have a total of 300kW and 640Nm. Fitted with a 90kWh battery, the VF32 has a claimed range of 504km.

    There will also be a 2.0-litre petrol engine with 141kW and 280Nm. The car’s interior is dominated by a large 15.4-inch touchscreen.


    The flagship of Vinfast’s upcoming EV range, the VF33 is an imposing 5120mm long and sits on a 3150mm wheelbase.

    Just one electric drivetrain is offered with two motors and a total of 300kW. A hefty 106kWh battery is standard for a claimed range of 550km.

    There is a petrol option too, in this case a 2.0-litre engine rated at 170kW and 350Nm. Like the smaller VF32, the VF33 also has a 15.4-inch touchscreen.

    Derek Fung

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