Happy 70th birthday to the Toyota LandCruiser, you made it!

    To celebrate, Toyota Gazoo Racing has announced it will reproduce spare parts for the popular four-wheel drive model.

    The parts produced will be specifically for the 40 Series LandCruiser, which was manufactured between 1960 and 1984.

    Toyota Gazoo Racing says the LandCruiser heritage parts program has a target launch date of early 2022.

    The program offers reproduced versions of discontinued parts so that owners can continue to enjoy their classic cars with peace of mind that, if things need to be fixed, Toyota will be there to help.

    Recently, Toyota found that there was a shortage of spare parts and therefore a growing amount of LandCruiser owners expressed fears that they wouldn’t be able to drive their vehicles.

    The company carried out surveys with dealers and fan club representatives to find out what was needed and where.

    As a result, Toyota Gazoo Racing will supply parts that aid in the driving, turning and braking of the Land Cruiser.

    The heritage parts will include engines, drivelines and exhaust systems. At this stage, exterior parts such as body panels, lights and suspension are not included.

    This isn’t the first time Toyota Gazoo Racing has supplied heritage parts for classic Toyota models.

    The company has previously introduced reproduction parts for such Toyota classics as the A70 and A80 Supra, as well as the rare 2000GT sports car.

    But Toyota isn’t the only company to reproduce parts for its older models, with reproduction becoming quite the trend as of late.

    Mazda announced late last year it would produce replacement parts for the FC and FD RX-7, including wear and tear items like vacuum hoses, fasteners, throttle position sensors, rubber bushings and gaskets.

    The first-generation NA MX-5 has also been subject to its own reproduction program, called the Roadster Restore program.

    Both Nissan and its performance arm, NISMO, also supply brand new parts for a range of their vehicles, including the R33 and R34 generations of Skyline GT-R.

    Nismo has previously announced a full restoration program for the R32 Skyline GTR.

    Stellantis is also reproducing parts for classic Italian models such as the Lancia Delta HF Integrale and the Fiat Coupe.

    The Heritage Parts catalogue includes reproduction bonnets, fenders and door panels for the Delta, plus 31 other available components for Alfa Romeo models such as the GTV, Spider, 147 and 156.

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    Zak Adkins
    Zak Adkins is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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