Peugeot has provided another teaser of its upcoming fastback-style electric crossover, the e-3008, before its official public debut in September this year.

    Rather than following the typical path of releasing camouflage mules for spy photographers to pick up, Peugeot has let loose three different lightly camouflaged e-3008 models on public roads across Europe for their final stage of development testing. 

    The camouflaged prototypes, the wrap designs of which were voted on by the public, provide the best look yet at the upcoming model. 

    Adopting a more angular design language from the current 3008, the e-3008 looks to have taken some styling cues from the newly announced Peugeot 408 coupe SUV, particularly with a rakish roof producing a coupe-like shape. 

    The e-3008 however, has a taller body, a more upright stance, and a larger rear end closer to the Tesla Model Y than the outgoing 3008. 

    Non-radial alloy wheel designs with oblong gaps and two-toned blue accents also feature on the test models shown in the teaser images. 

    The unique wheel designs are similar to those seen on the new 408, suggesting this could become a signature of Peugeot’s design language for upcoming electrified models. 

    It is expected that the e-3008 will also adopt Peugeot’s new signature three-claw headlights as seen on the teaser image of the brand’s upcoming EVs

    The e-3008 will be the first vehicle launched on the STLA Medium platform, which parent company Stellantis has previously confirmed will feature electric motors each with between 125kW and 330kW of power.

    While Peugeot hasn’t released powertrain specifications, the model is set to have up to 700km of range, with a choice of three powertrains including a dual-motor all-wheel-drive option.

    Inside the new 3008 will be the first example of the Panoramic i-Cockpit, Peugeot’s latest interior design which will proliferate throughout its future lineup. 

    The cockpit has the same aircraft-inspired dashboard design of current Peugeots, but with a new head-up display with driver instruments above the steering wheel which is embedded into a 21.0-inch curved display accessible to both driver and front-seat passenger.

    On the centre console is another split-level control section housing an i-Toggles touchscreen section for users to navigate between infotainment setups and a small lever to control the automatic transmission, below which is a line of climate controls and the electronic parking brake. 

    While the e-3008 hasn’t been confirmed for Australia, electrified models such as the e-2008 and the e-Partner van are on their way Down Under, suggesting that the upcoming electric crossover could be on the cards for Peugeot Australia’s growing electric lineup. 

    Additionally, according to Peugeot Australia, the e-208 electric hatch is now in the final evaluation stages and could arrive before the end of the year.

    The French brand axed its turbo-diesel SUV variants earlier this year to leave it with a range of passenger cars and SUVs in Australia that are all either petrol-powered or electrified.

    Eilidh McNaughton
    Eilidh McNaughton is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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