The next-generation Peugeot 3008 will be a fastback-style electric crossover, and the company has given the world a look at the car’s interior.

    When it launches, the new 3008 will be the first Peugeot to feature the brand’s latest interior design, dubbed Panoramic i-Cockpit, which will then proliferate throughout the lineup.

    Panoramic i-Cockpit sticks with the aircraft-inspired dashboard design of current Peugeots, with the multi-tier theme remaining a part of the new look.

    Unlike most other brands where the driver peers through the steering wheel into the instrumentation area, the i-Cockpit setup has the instruments sitting above the steering, obviating the need for a head-up display.

    The instrumentation display and infotainment touchscreen now live in a 21.0-inch curved display area that’s angled towards the driver, but still accessible to the front-seat passenger.

    A band of partially body-colour trim wraps around from the doors, behind the screen area, and across the top section of the dashboard.

    Below this is a large swathe of fabric upon which rests a piano black control pod housing vents, buttons to control the automatic transmission, and a smaller i-Toggles touchscreen that can accommodate up to 10 customisable on-screen buttons.

    Like the dashboard, the centre console has a split-level design, with the side closest to the driver rising up gently to meet the dashboard, forming an armrest and playing home to the electronic parking brake, volume rocker, drive mode selector, and a line of climate controls.

    In the lower section of the console lives the cupholders, and storage areas.

    The steering is a two-spoke affair with piano black capacitive buttons on the spokes. According to Peugeot, the buttons won’t activate until they are pressed with intent.

    Ambient lighting stretches across the whole dashboard, and along the doors, reflecting onto real aluminium trim. Drivers can choose from one of eight ambient lighting colours.

    Since Peugeot debuted its first production car with i-Cockpit 10 years ago, the company has sold roughly 10 million cars fitted with the aircraft-inspired interior design.

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