Renault concept boss made Fiat design chief

François Leboine, credited for the recent Renault 5 concept, has been appointed as the new head of design for the Fiat and Abarth brands.


Stellantis continues to make key design appointments at brands that were brought to the automaker from the former Fiat Chrysler.

The latest appointment is François Leboine, who will begin as Fiat and Abarth’s new head of design on June 1, 2021.

Leboine has a degree from the Royal College of Art, and was most recently the director of design for concept and show cars at Renault.

In that role he lead the teams that came up with the Renault Morphoz and 5 concepts. The latter features styling inspired by the original 1970s model, but rides on the new CMF-B EV architecture.

When it goes into production in a few years time, it will be the first in a series retro-themed electric cars that form a key part of Renault’s renewed EV-centric range.

Prior to being Renault’s head of concepts, Leboine was the chief of exterior design at the French firm, and oversaw the development of the Renault Clio and Captur, as well as the Dacia Sandero.

Olivier Francois, the CEO of the Fiat brand, welcome Leboine onboard, saying, “I am really excited to welcome François Leboine to the world of Fiat in a moment that is so full of opportunities with the power and scale of the new Group.

“Designing new Fiat and Abarth cars is key to expressing our full potential for customers around the world.”

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