Australia’s first Polestar 2 electric sedan deliveries will get underway in March, with the Chinese-Swedish startup saying it has taken 300 orders for its Tesla Model 3 rival in the past few days.

    The first deliveries will comprise “pre-configured vehicles”. In these times of short supply across the industry, Polestar Australia says it has 180 cars already in the country and ready to be placed into owners’ hands.

    The company, which uses a direct-to-consumer sales model, will also offer a seven-day returns policy so long as the owner hasn’t done north of 500km. This complements five years of free servicing and warranty.

    Regular car dealers selling other brands must offer cooling-off periods too, but they’re usually 1-3 days depending on the State, and may lack driving allowances.

    Polestar sells its cars through an online portal and will operate national Polestar Spaces – shops modelled on boutiques where potential owners can learn more about the brand. The brand expects the first of its Spaces – similar to those used by Genesis – to open in April 2022.

    But in lieu of the latter at launch its Australian division conducted a “test-drive roadshow” taking in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. More than 1600 people came and had a crack, says Polestar.

    “Feedback from these events was overwhelmingly positive and demand for Polestar 2 has been strong, with Polestar reservation holders placing nearly 300 vehicle orders in the last 48 hours,” the company added.

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    “There is incredible interest in electric vehicles in Australia, with sales increasing by more than 190 per cent year-on-year in 2021. We’re thrilled that the Polestar 2 is now here to help meet that demand,” added Polestar Australia managing director Samantha Johnson.

    The Polestar’s simple three-variant line-up starts with the $59,900 Standard Range model with 64kWh battery, $64,900 for the Long Range with 78kWh battery, and $69,900 for the Long Range with two drive motors.

    All of these prices are MSRP before on-road costs, but also before the EV rebates available in NSW and Victoria – both single-motor variants fall within the price threshold for them – and stamp duty reductions or waivers.

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    Mike Costello
    Mike Costello is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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