Nissan’s bold little crossover, the Juke, will reportedly go fully electric for its next generation.

    Auto Express reports the next-generation Juke could take inspiration from the angular Nissan’s Hyper Punk concept, showcased at this year’s Tokyo motor show, including its sharp creases and full-width rear light bar.

    The next Juke could use the CMF-B EV platform that will underpin the next Micra, as well as the upcoming Renault 4 and 5 revivals.

    CMF-B EV models will use an electrically excited synchronous motor powering the front wheels that’s said to be more powerful than a permanent magnet design, and doesn’t require any rare earth metals, making it cheaper and cleaner to produce.

    Auto Express reports batteries in the Juke could vary in capacity from 40kWh to 52kWh, and feature nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) chemistry, with up to 400km of range.

    Last year Renault revealed one of the 5’s drivetrain options will be known as the ePT-100kW, pointing to a 100kW electric motor.

    Auto Express reports the Juke could gain a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup, teeing up the possibility of a Juke Nismo revival but with electric power and all-paw traction.

    Exact launch timing for the new Juke is not known, but a report from Autocar earlier this year suggested a new Juke would launch in Europe during 2025 – though this report suggested it would also offer an e-Power hybrid powertrain, and use the CMF-EV underpinnings of the Nissan Ariya and Renault Megane E-Tech.

    The next Juke is expected to remain a similar size to the current generation, at around 4.2m long, and will be positioned to compete with the likes of the Hyundai Kona.

    It would likely slot under the upcoming Leaf replacement, which is expected to transition from a hatchback to a more desirable crossover format.

    Nissan plans to announce 27 new electrified models – comprising 19 new electric vehicles (EVs) and eight new hybrid models – across the Nissan and Infiniti brands by fiscal year 2030.

    It will also go electric-only in Europe from 2030, though Australia won’t follow the same timeframe.

    The company hopes that 98 per cent of the vehicles sold in Europe will be electrified by 2026. This is up from the forecasted 75 per cent sales mix of electrified vehicles from late 2021.

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