Nissan has revealed its latest concept ahead of the Tokyo motor show next week, offering an immersive AI experience and featuring origami-like design elements.

    The Hyper Punk is the fourth concept previewed by the brand ahead of the motor show, and is an all-electric compact crossover tailored to “content creators, influencers, artists, and those who embrace style and innovation”.

    It features vehicle-to-everything (V2X) capability, and has been designed as a “mobile creative studio” for digital creators to enjoy internet connectivity and “create on the go”.

    The exterior has an aggressive “multifaceted and polygonal surface” design. Up front, it has a large trapezoidal front grille with unusual polygonal lights on either side of the front bumper.

    There are two vertical lights on either side of the front fascia the run from near the windscreen to the side of the front fender.

    The bonnet has what appears to be an aerodynamic design to improve airflow.

    The vehicle is painted in a silver finish that Nissan claims “shifts” depending on the viewing angle and light source.

    Nissan says the concept’s bold design plays in the “user’s desire for self-expression and breaking conventional wisdom”.

    At the rear, a full-width LED light bar is present as well as an illuminated Nissan wordmark. Like the front, there are “polygonal” lights on either side of the bumper.

    The 23-inch wheels have an illuminated triangular design with Nissan’s wordmark.

    A charging and V2X port is available on the passenger-side front fender. Nissan says the V2X capability is designed to encourage creators to share the vehicle’s energy for themselves and others at local community events.

    Inside, Nissan says the concept features “onboard cameras [that] can capture the scenery around the car and use AI to convert to manga-style scenery or graphic patterns according to the owner’s preferences”.

    “The imagery can then be projected on a three-screen display arranged around the driver in the cockpit, creating a space where reality and the world of the metaverse merges,” the company says.

    The seats feature headrest biosensors that, when combined with AI, can “detect the driver’s mood and automatically select the right music and lighting, boosting the driver’s energy and creativity.”

    The concept will be available for Fortnite gamers to select from under the name “Electrify the World” on October 25.

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