Photos of the upcoming Y63 Nissan Patrol have been snapped testing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    The vehicle is pictured wearing heavy black camouflage, travelling with a convoy of current Y62-generation Patrols.

    Nissan is expected to lean on the next-generation Infiniti QX80 for its boxy design – given the two vehicles are twins under the skin – but introduce a unique front facia and C-shaped tail lights.

    However, in photos posted to Instagram by kurdistan_automotive_blog_, it’s hard to tell what exactly has changed up front.

    According to Automotive News, dealers based in the United States told the industry journal that Nissan will ditch the 5.6-litre V8 in the current Y62 Patrol for a 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 petrol engine, believed to produce around 314kW of power (up 16kW).

    Although there are plenty of similarities to the upcoming Infiniti QX80, this Patrol prototype has its number plate centralised on the tailgate rather than on the lower bumper.

    Another distinguishing feature is the fact door handles aren’t flush like its luxury-branded cousin – at least in Monograph concept form.

    The Y63 Nissan Patrol will have its own unique tail light signature, however it’s hard to tell it will offer a full-width light bar across the tailgate like the QX80 Monograph concept.

    Other noticeable changes include an adjusted rear bumper with reflectors, and different air intakes on the front fenders.

    Up front, the new Patrol appears to continue with a similar bumper design to its predecessor, which features a prominent front grille and intakes, however this design may be refreshed slightly.

    Automotive News reports the next-generation Armada, as the Patrol is known in North America, was shown to dealers at a Las Vegas conference.

    One dealer told Automotive News the Patrol has a “Range Rover-like” appearance and is both bigger and more rugged-looking than the current model.

    Dealers claim there are larger screens inside the cabin with upgraded finishes and the “latest” driver assistance and convenience technolgies.

    The new Armada will reportedly go on sale in mid-2024. Prototypes have recently been spied testing in the Middle East.

    It’s worth noting the left-hand drive Armada and right-hand drive and Patrol sport some differences despite sharing the same body.

    The Armada comes with a larger 12.3-inch infotainment screen that rises from a redesigned dashboard, and includes wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto.

    The Australian-market Patrol, in contrast, sticks with an older dash design and a smaller 8.0-inch screen with no smartphone mirroring and a very dated software interface by comparison.

    It’s unclear if there will continue to be regional differences with the next-gen Patrol/Armada duo. Nissan has already teased the next-gen flagship SUV in the shape of the Infiniti QX Monograph concept, which previews the next Infiniti QX80.

    It’s expected Infiniti will reveal its QX80 in the coming months, which will give us an early look at what to expect from the next Patrol’s in terms of design, powertrain and available technology features.

    It’s not clear when Nissan will unveil its next-generation off-road SUV, but based on increased testing in the UAE and the alleged dealer presentation, we wouldn’t expect it to be far behind the related QX80.

    The current Y62-series Patrol has been in production since 2010, and first went on sale in Australia in 2013.

    Unlike its predecessors, no diesel engine has been available during the Y62’s run. In contrast, the Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series offers both petrol and diesel power depending on market.

    The Patrol/Armada will follow other full-sized SUVs like the Ford Expedition, Toyota Sequoia and aforementioned LandCruiser 300 in ditching V8 petrol power.

    Stay tuned to CarExpert for all the latest.

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