The successors to the current combustion-powered Audi A6 and S6 have commenced cold-wether testing in Europe – though these prototypes are wearing the existing model’s sheetmetal.

    Both A6 Sedan and A6 Avant test mules were snapped by spy photographers, which appear to be showing very minor changes thanks to their respective disguises.

    The S6 prototype features high-voltage signage on its bonnet and side doors, as well as a charging port on the left-hand side indicating Audi may be electrifying the performance model with plug-in hybrid technology.

    It isn’t abnormal for manufacturers during early testing to test certain changes under current body styling.

    Shots of the A6 Sedan prototype’s interior show a busy centre console with a pre-production infotainment system mounted onto the current-generation’s dashboard.

    During early testing, Audi has removed the A6’s digital climate control screen for three emergency buttons that are visible throughout the centre tunnel.

    Although it may be specific to the test mule, it appears Audi has ditched the current car’s chunky shifter for a stubby shift-by-wire unit which is already used in the Q4 e-tron electric SUV.

    Audi’s CEO Markus Duesmann confirmed the company will be shuffling its model line naming structure to make way for its upcoming all-electric line-up of vehicles.

    “The odd numbers will be the combustion engines and the even numbers will stand for the battery electric vehicles. The successor to today’s A4 will be called the A5, and today’s A6 will be called the A7. The A4 and A6 will then be electric,” he said.

    The Audi A6 e-tron, which according to Mr Duesmann will replace the current A6 line-up, may feature both sedan and wagon body styles according to previous spy photos.

    The all-electric A6 e-tron uses the PPE (Platform Premium Electric) architecture which is thanks to a joint venture with Audi and Porsche.

    The platform will also feature under the next-generation Porsche Macan and the Q6 e-tron.

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